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Euro 114.25 102.58
Dollar 128.75 114.73
Lira 449.00 400.44
Apr 2017

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How much do you spend on a wedding gift?This week's MoneySaving poll


We're in peak wedding season, and while the big day often isnt cheap it seems guests are being asked to splash out even more as well. While we dont know what Pippa and James had on their wedding gift list, we can't imagine it was very MoneySaving...

So for each of the following categories, which is closest to how much youd spend? Vote once per category

If I were a close relative of the couple

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If I were related to the couple but not closely

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If I were a close friend of the couple

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If I were a friend of the family but not close to the couple

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If I were an acquaintance/colleague etc of the couple

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