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Mar 2016

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How good is your mobile network's service & coverage?This week's MoneySaving poll


We want to find out how each provider rates both for service (how they treat you) and coverage (how strong the signal is when you need it).

In truth there are only four main networks providing signals, the rest use these but under their own brand (see our mobile networks guide for who piggybacks who). Yet vote for the firm that provides your mobile phone bill, as signal can differ.

Please vote for your current provider based on customer service AND coverage over the last year.

Asda Mobile

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BT Mobile

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Co-operative Mobile

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EE (including Orange and T-Mobile)

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iD Mobile

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Life Mobile

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PG Mobile (formerly Shebang)

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Post Office (not avail from 8 Aug)

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Tesco Mobile

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Virgin Mobile

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