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Protect and cancel lost or stolen credit cards

Speedily shows phone numbers for lost/stolen cards

Step 1: Select your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty and membership cards.

Step 2: It instantly compiles all the phone numbers you'll need if they're lost or stolen.

Step 3: Print them out or grab a special link that you click to auto-update all numbers. is totally free and we don't store any personal details whatsoever.


Don't attach personal details

Neither the print out of results nor the electronically stored table produces include any of your personal details, meaning you cannot be linked to the cards listed.

For this reason, never ever write down or save any sensitive information - like bank account numbers or your name and address - alongside the table provides.

If you are storing the card list on your PC be aware that someone who got access to your computer may be able to use it in connection with other information there for ID fraud.

However it's likely that if you keep any of your financial details on the computer the same could happen.

We don't store the info

We ask for only the bare minimum details needed to do this - literally what cards you have. We don't want your name, details, account numbers or anything else.

To generate the link it simply assigns a random code to the cards you've selected so you can retrieve updated phone numbers. That is not stored with any identifying information such as IP address or email.

If you select to email yourself the link, we do not store the email address and the link together.

Keep the print out safe

Even though no personal details are included on the print out, please always store it somewhere safe and secure. It is always sensible to store any information about financial products in a hard to find place - ie. not on the notice board in the kitchen!

Is your computer secure?

If you bookmark the link or have it sent to your email account, ensure your computer is not accessible to people you wouldn't want to see this data. It is easy and quick to set up a password on your computer, or at least set up a free webmail account which requires a password (eg. Hotmail/Gmail)

Ensure you have an adequate firewall and anti-virus software in place to do this - see the free anti-virus software guide for more info.

Report card losses quickly

It's vital that you report any missing credit, debit or store cards as soon as you know they are gone.

Provided you've not behaved negligibly (such as leaving your PIN with the card) the maximum that you can be held liable for is the first £50 spent per stolen card; however you can't be charged for ANY transactions carried out once you have informed the card issuer that it's missing.

This means the quicker you call up your wallet and phone the providers, the lower the chance you will have to fork out for anything at all.

Calling from overseas

If you are abroad when your wallet or purse goes missing, most providers give out phone numbers to call from overseas - we have put these in the results table.

To call the UK while overseas, you normally replace the first 0 with either '00 44' or just '+44', then the rest of the number as normal.

Some providers advise calling the international operator and asking for a reverse charges call to them while you are abroad, so this is worth a go to save some cash.

Otherwise, always be mindful about the cost of calls from abroad. Of course, reporting missing cards is the major priority, but read the Mobile Roaming and Free International Mobiles Calls guides for cost-cutting info.

0870/0845 alternatives

While some card companies have been nice and set up special 'geographic' numbers for you to call - which should keep the cost down - others offer no alternatives to the 0870 and 0845 numbers - unsurprising as they often get a cut of this revenue

While BT and TalkTalk include these as part of your free minutes, outside of that time, or via other providers it can cost up to 10p per minute to call - far more than a normal number.

It is often possible to use an alternative normal number instead of calling your bank - for more information on finding those read our saynoto0870 guide.

While normally prefers to list the cheaper alternatives, as reporting your cards needs speed and reliability, for accuracy in this instance we have chosen to list the official numbers.

Are your cards any good?

While listing out your credit, debit and store cards, it's a great time to take stock and work out if they are the best for you. Just using the first card in your wallet to spend on or shift debt to is not likely to be the cheapest course of action.

Read our full Balance Transfers, 0% Spending Cards, Cashback Cards, Bank Accounts and Store Cards guides for all the info and up to date top picks in each category.