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Select a lower percentage discount range for niche wines. Try higher discounts for Tesco and M&S (up to 60%) and lower discounts for Majestic (up to 40%). This is because some wine stores given higher discounts than others (though don't assume big discounts equal the market's cheapest).

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We display each store's results separately, as one's standard price can be cheaper than another's '30% off'.
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Only include Tesco Wines with press review

First Cape Limited Release Pinot Grigio *

Tesco's wine description: Our wonderfully fresh Pinot Grigio shows delicious ripe pear and green apple notes on the nose, followed by a combination of citrus fruits and white peach on the palate.

Cape Peak Heritage Chardonnay 75cl *

  • Per bottle £3.99 Min 1 case:
    6 bottles
  • Discount 11% Now: £23.94 Was: £26.94
  • Case price
    • £29.94
    • Includes £6.00 delivery
    • Go*
Tesco's wine description: This deliciously easy-drinking, fruity Chardonnay shows hints of pear and peach with subtle notes of crisp citrus.

Lateral Shiraz *

  • Per bottle £3.99 Min 1 case:
    6 bottles
  • Discount 20% Now: £23.94 Was: £29.94
  • Case price
    • £29.94
    • Includes £6.00 delivery
    • Go*
Tesco's wine description: This wine is medium bodied and full of fruit, it would pair perfectly with grilled meats, Style Guide D

Banrock Station Chardonnay Chenin Blanc 75cl *

  • Per bottle £3.99 Min 1 case:
    6 bottles
  • Discount 50% Now: £23.94 Was: £47.94
  • Case price
    • £29.94
    • Includes £6.00 delivery
    • Go*
Tesco's wine description: Medium bodied wine.Rich peach and fleshy fruit flavours, with a touch of apple sweetness.Soft, creamy and persistent mouth feel, with a clean fresh lingering finish.

Jamie's Italian Bianco *

  • Per bottle £3.99 Min 1 case:
    6 bottles
  • Discount 50% Now: £23.94 Was: £47.94
  • Case price
    • £29.94
    • Includes £6.00 delivery
    • Go*
Tesco's wine description: Another cracking wine from Jamie's Italian range, again made by top Sicilian producers Settesoli.This one's a blend of Catarratto, Chardonnay and Grillo grapes and they come together to create a fragrant fruit bomb of a wine.Think peach, pear and citrus, sprinkled with honeysuckle.Serve it with herby salads or roast chicken.

Primera Piedra Chardonnay Reserva *

  • Per bottle £3.99 Min 1 case:
    6 bottles
  • Discount 42% Now: £23.94 Was: £41.94
  • Case price
    • £29.94
    • Includes £6.00 delivery
    • Go*
Tesco's wine description: Fruity, juicy and mouthwatering Chardonnay with refreshing acidity and citric notes.Nice and clean finish with soft vanilla hints in the aftertaste.

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Waitrose logoWaitrose Cellar extra 10% off*Online code for full-price and sale. Delivery's free

4 days left

You can get 10% off everything at Waitrose Cellar* (including wine that's already on offer) if you use the code MSEWINE by 11.59pm on Thu 30 Apr. Delivery's free, but you have to purchase bottles in multiples of six. 

Here's a selection of some of the better offers we found using the code on Fri 24 Apr:

Please be Drinkaware.

Naked Wines logoNaked Wines £50 off £80+*MSE Blagged for new customers only. Delivery's £4.99

Ends Today

We've blagged a corking deal for new Naked Wines customers to get £50 off a £79.99+ spend until Sun 26 Apr. You could get six bottles of wine for £36 or 12 bottles for £50 with this deal (including delivery).

If you order via this Naked Wines* link, a pop-up box will appear on screen and the code MSE2015 should automatically be added, along with the password ASP32XYN (if not, you can enter these yourself). Once you've registered, £50 will be automatically added to your account to use on orders of £79.99 or more. You have to order bottles in multiples of six, and delivery's £4.99 (£6.99 on Sat).

How good is this deal?

If you're only after cheap plonk, you'd be better off buying from a supermarket. This deal is for people who want a higher quality wine, as Naked Wines - which funds independent winemakers - is generally highly regarded and the majority of its wines aren't available elsewhere.

How to make the most of the deal

While you can choose your own wines individually (in multiples of six), it will be more cost-effective to buy a Naked Wines case. If you select the 12-bottle Naked Spring Favourites Mixed Case at £44.99 (after the £50 voucher) plus £4.99 delivery, the bottles - five reds, five whites and two rosé - work out at £4.17 each.

If you want to mix your own case of six, the £13.49 bottles work out as the most cost-effective. Six of these bottles are £80.94, so with the voucher you'll get them for £35.93 (including delivery) - £5.83 a bottle.

Important: The normal prices are listed first. The bold prices underneath are 'Angel prices', which gets people signed up to the Angels subscription service (£20/mth) up to 50% off the normal price of listed wines. Many of the wines are Angels Exclusives, so check your wine is included first. There's no obligation to join the Angels service and you won’t be opted in automatically (there's currently a waiting list if you do want to sign up).

Please be Drinkaware.

Giordano logo12 bottles of wine & 12-piece dinner set £60 del*Via Giordano Wines. Plus 6 Italian 'delicacies', incl risotto & pesto

Ends 31 Dec

If you go online to Italian wine merchant Giordano* by 31 Dec 2015, you can get 12 bottles of wine, six porcelain dinner plates, six bowls and six Italian 'food delicacies' for £59.95, including delivery.

The wine is made by Giordano and the food is sourced locally in Italy, so it's difficult to compare prices, but £60 is usually a decent price for 12 bottles of wine as you'd effectively be getting them for £5 each. So if you're after some new plates and you'll use the Italian ingredients as well, this deal could work out great for you.

You'll be able to choose whether you want red wine, white wine or a mixed case, but you won't be able to choose specific bottles.

Giordano offer

The Italian food includes:

  • Traditional 'Tajarin' egg noodles 250g
  • Pesto sauce 130g
  • Modena balsamic vinegar 250ml
  • Amaretti all'Arancio 200g 
  • Risotto alla Parmigiana 175g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 500ml

We haven't featured a deal from Giordano before, so please let us know your feedback (good or bad) in our Giordano forum discussion.

Please be Drinkaware.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle logoBuy £280 wine (norm £300), get FREE Eurotunnel tix*Via Majestic Wine. 1-2 day return to Calais, worth up to £80


If you're planning on stocking up for the summer, you can grab two corking deals at Majestic Wine Calais*. Pre-order £300 worth of beer, wine or spirits, and you can get a free one or two-day Eurotunnel return ticket (not the Eurostar - see below) from Folkestone to Coquelles (just outside Calais, worth up to £80 in peak times) to collect it all. Majestic Wine says this is an ongoing offer, with no fixed end date.

Majestic Wine Calais also has an ongoing offer which gets you £10 off automatically for each £150 you spend. So you can get £300 of wine for £280 and still qualify for the free Eurotunnel ticket offer.

How to get this deal: 

  • Go online to Majestic Wine Calais* or call 01923 298297 to pre-order your wine, beers or spirits (you'll pay when you get there). You can choose whether you collect it in Majestic Wine's Coquelles or Calais store.
  • If it costs £300 or more, you'll get £20 taken off automatically and Majestic Wine Calais will contact you within 24 hours to ask if you'd like to arrange the free Eurotunnel ticket (for one car with up to nine passengers). 
  • You can choose the date and time of your trip for any available day in 2015, and pick either a one-day or two-day return.
  • You'll need to give credit card details when you book the ticket, but Majestic Wine Calais says you'll only be charged for it if you don't collect your order (£50 for a full-price Eurotunnel ticket, you won't be charged for the wine).
  • If you do collect your wine, you can either pay by card (you'll be charged in euros) or by cash/cheque (in pounds or euros).

What is the Eurotunnel?

The Eurotunnel is a vehicle rail shuttle service to France, which means you can drive your car to pick up your order. Although they have similar names, the Eurotunnel is not the same as the Eurostar, which is a passenger train service and isn't part of this deal.

How good is this deal?

We compared prices and found that many of the bottles were cheaper at Majestic Wine Calais than in supermarkets in the UK. Not all of them are however, so always compare prices before you buy. For example on Thu 23 Apr a bottle of Russian Standard vodka (70cl) was £12.99 at Majestic Wine Calais, but £11 at Sainsbury's.

Here are some of the better discounts we found on Thu 23 Apr:

Please be Drinkaware.

Tesco Wine logoTesco Wine 50% off selected cases of 6 bottles*Online only. Includes wine & champagne


If you go online to Tesco Wine*, you can get 50% off selected cases of wine and champagne while stocks last. This is an ongoing offer by Tesco Wine, and the cases included change regularly. Delivery’s £6.

Here are some examples of cases that we've seen included in the deal:

Use our Wine Discount Finder to search for other corking deals. Please be Drinkaware.

Virgin Wines logo12 bottles of wine £56 delivered (full-price £113)*MSE Blagged via Virgin Wines subscription. For newbies only


We've blagged a Virgin Wines* deal (for Virgin Wines virgins only) to get 12 bottles of wine for half the usual price, but this requires a subscription (that you can cancel). As that can be a bit of a pain, we’ve also arranged a second deal with no subscription, but with only 10 bottles.

There are 1,000 cases available. Both offers are for new customers only and only one case per household. Please be Drinkaware.

Offer 1: 12 bottles for £56 via a subscription

Newbies joining Virgin's subscription-based Discovery Club get their first case of 12 bottles of wine for £55.87 (£47.88 plus £7.99 delivery) via this special link*. It works out at £4.66 a bottle and at full-price without the club membership, a case is £112.87 with delivery.

The case contains five white wines, six red wines, and one bottle of Cava. See 'more info' below for the full list.

Warning: After the first case, you'll be automatically billed for a case EVERY THREE MONTHS at £89.99 plus £7.99 delivery (£8.17 a bottle) unless you cancel – which can be done at any time – but do wait until you’ve got your case. You'll be sent an email letting you know the date your next case will be dispatched, at which point you can either cancel your membership or skip the individual case.

To cancel, call 0843 224 1044 or email Discovery Club membership is a decent offer if you’re a regular wine quaffer and happy to be automatically billed for wine every three months.

Offer 2: 10 bottles for £58 - no subscription

Here, you're just buying it straight, with no monthly commitment. You'll get 10 bottles of wine* for £57.98 (£49.99 plus £7.99 delivery) instead of the full-price £110.89 with delivery (five reds, five whites, see 'more info' below for the full list).

This is the option to go for if you want a straightforward, one-off deal and are concerned you may forget to cancel a subscription. It works out as £5.80 a bottle instead of £4.66 a bottle above.

More info

12-bottle case:

- Vina Ecoyen Reserva 2003

- Una Sola Voce Pinot Grigio 2013 (two bottles)

- Les Hauts de L'Olivier Sauvignon Blanc 2013 

- The Saturday Night Special Shiraz 2013

- Las Tijeras Cellar Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (two bottles)

- Cape Peninsula Merlot 2014 (two bottles)

- Dehesa de Quixana Las Hipolitas 2013 (two bottles)

- Tempus III Cava Brut NV 

10-bottle case:

- Campo Bonito Castilla Leon Sauvignon Muscat 2013 (two bottles)

- Las Colinas Roja Gran Reserva 2007 (two bottles)

- Don Lotario Navarra Gran Reserva 2004 (two bottles)

- Palazzo del Mare Catarratto 2013 (two bottles)

- Castillo de Anna Gran Reserva 2007

- Hummingbird Verdelho 2014

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You shouldn't notice any difference and the link will never negatively impact the product. Plus the editorial line (the things we write) is NEVER impacted by these links. We aim to look at all available products. If it isn't possible to get an affiliate link for the top deal, it is still included in exactly the same way, just with a non-paying link. For more details, read How This Site Is Financed.

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