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Content is user-generated, not officially checked out by MSE. Please exercise caution and report inappropriate or illegal deals.

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Just a final reminder (don't worry we only do this once) that you're going to the forum and the content there comes from users.

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The Forum is a social network where users discuss bargains and consumer issues, free from nasty comments and people trying to sell things to you.

Millions read it and 100,000s post the equivalent of 30+ paperback books on here every day. Anyone can post on the forum though; content isn't officially checked out by MSE, so please exercise caution and report any inappropriate, illegal or offensive posts.

The Forum Deals Feed is a dashboard that pulls in the most highly-rated offers from our Grabbit, Freebies, Shopping and Groceries forum boards, and more. Remember this is user-generated content, so unlike usual MSE deals, it isn't checked and validated.

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  • For safety, pay by credit card if over £100
  • Protect purchases under £100


  • Use unfamiliar sites without checking
  • Let your antivirus run out
Full DOs and DON'Ts

Section 75Free protection for all shopping!

There's a secret phrase that turns any credit card into a financial self-defence superhero. "Section 75" laws means your plastic must protect anything you buy over £100 for free, so if there's a problem or the company goes bust you can still get your money back.

Although Section 75 doesn't apply to debit cards there is something else to fall back on if you paid on a Visa debit or Electron card, or Visa credit card under £100 (otherwise go for Section 75). Known as Visa Chargeback, this is part of Visa's internal rules and not a legal requirement. Full details of Section 75, chargeback and how to claim in the Section 75 Refunds guide.

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