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Current account switching: Early figures show Halifax as big winner

1 August 2014

Halifax was the big winner from the first three full months of the seven-day current account switching regime

Overpaying your mortgage in December could save 100s

17 December 2013

Borrowers with mortgages where the interest is calculated once a year could save by overpaying now

Buy-to-let borrowers hit by West Brom mortgage hike

23 September 2013

Thousands of West Bromwich buy-to-let tracker rate mortgage customers will be hit by rate hikes from 1 December

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Older News Stories

21 May 2013

Bank of Ireland makes partial U-turn on mortgage hikes

Around 1,200 Bank of Ireland mortgage customers with a base rate tracker will escape controversial rate hikes

1 May 2013

Bank of Ireland mortgage costs soar for thousands how to fight back

Thousands of mortgage holders with a Bank of Ireland base rate tracker will see repayments rocket today

14 March 2013

'Fight Bank of Ireland's unfair mortgage hike'

Govan Law Centre's Mike Dailly says Bank of Ireland may be acting unfairly and oppressively in raising mortgage costs

8 March 2013

Bank of Ireland mortgage rate hikes: MP calls for FSA probe

A leading MP has urged the FSA to investigate whether Bank of Ireland is guilty of mis-selling tracker mortgages

28 February 2013

Bank of Ireland hikes mortgage costs for thousands, breaking base rate tracker

13,500 customers with a Bank of Ireland base rate tracker mortgage should brace themselves as rates are set to soar

7 December 2012

How mortgage overpayments this month can save 100s

Borrowers with mortgages where the interest is calculated once a year could save by overpaying in the next few weeks

3 October 2012

Homeowners hit by Santander mortgage rise

Hundreds of thousands of customers will see their standard variable rate soar

22 August 2012

Santander to raise mortgage SVR in blow to borrowers

Santander will become the latest lender to raise its standard variable mortgage rate, from next month

4 July 2012

ING Direct to raise mortgage SVR

The bank will raise it standard variable rate for 4,500 borrowers in August

9 March 2012

'Don't take mortgage SVR hikes lying down'

Over a million will be hit by the rises announced over the past week, but many aren't doing their best to cut costs

9 March 2012

Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks increase mortgage SVR

The pair have become the latest mortgage lenders to announce a rise in standard variable rates

7 March 2012

Bank of Ireland mortgage SVR to soar by 50%

Bank of Ireland will become the latest mortgage lender to raise is standard variable mortgage rate, it announced today

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