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Halifax glitch leaves some bank accounts off credit files

21 October 2014

If you've upgraded your Halifax Current Account, your credit file may not be updated due to an IT bug

Beware split tariff mobile contracts if you're about to apply for credit

17 October 2014

If you're planning to buy a latest model phone from O2, be aware that you'll actually be taking out a loan

Shopping online at Next? It could hurt your credit rating

2 May 2014

If you're buying online from Next for the first time, beware a threat to your chances of getting a loan or mortgage

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Older News Stories

11 November 2013

Rent payments on credit files 'should help tenants'

A new scheme to put rent payments on credit files will start next year, understands

16 September 2013

100 days to Christmas: 12 do-nows to spend less on the big day

The best time to start saving is January, but with 100 days to go till Christmas, there are still ways to save big

26 April 2013

Missed credit card and loan payments on the rise

One in five Britons have deliberately skipped a loan repayment in recent years because they cannot afford it

18 February 2013

Water bills to be added to credit reports

Paying water bills on time could help you get a credit card or mortgage, as Yorkshire Water accounts will be tracked

7 January 2013

Missed rent payments could cost you a loan or mortgage

In the coming months, late rent payments could appear on your credit file, which lenders use to assess applications

12 July 2012

A payday loan could cost you a mortgage

Lender GE Money will not approve a home loan application from a borrower who took out a payday loan in the past 3 months

10 July 2012

Exclusive: NatWest and RBS reveal refund process following IT meltdown

The RBS Group has today explained the full reclaiming process for those hit by charges or lost interest

22 March 2012

U-turn means flatmates' poor credit won't harm you

Tenants won't be rejected for a mortgage or loan because their flatmate has a poor credit score, following MSE pressure

14 February 2012

Couples should do it together on Valentine's Day (to save money)

We're often asked for our top Valentine's tips, and the simple answer is couples save if they do it together

15 December 2011

Noddle to offer free credit reports

Consumers can now get permanently free access to their credit report, which can indicate likely acceptance for credit

11 November 2011

Barclaycard to fix Egg credit card transfer problems

Former Egg credit card customers have reported erroneous charges and failed direct debits after the switchover

21 October 2011

Guest Comment: How ratings agency downgrades affect us all

Many countries and banks have been downgraded recently. Financial guru Justin Urquhart Stewart explains what this means

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