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RBS fined 14.5m over mortgage advice

27 August 2014

RBS and NatWest fined 14.5m after the Financial Conduct Authority found 'serious failings' in mortgage advice given

Banks replacing bonus schemes after FCA mis-selling crackdown

4 March 2014

Major banks have shaken up bonus schemes, which played a role in mis-selling scandals, the FCA says

Lloyds fined record 28m for mis-selling are you affected?

11 December 2013

Lloyds has been fined 28m by the FCA for sales incentive schemes, which pressured staff to sell

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Older News Stories

27 June 2013

Mobile phone insurance firms told to clean up their act

The mobile phone insurance industry has been slammed by the FCA, as many policies don't provide the cover they promise

1 May 2013

Bank of Ireland mortgage costs soar for thousands how to fight back

Thousands of mortgage holders with a Bank of Ireland base rate tracker will see repayments rocket today

8 April 2013

Packaged account shake-up to stop mis-selling

New rules to prevent people from being sold packaged current accounts with benefits they can't use have come into force

1 April 2013

'We will be different to the FSA', says new regulator, the FCA, as regime changes today

It's not just April Fool's Day, it's also the day the system of financial regulation changes, as the FCA is born

14 March 2013

'Fight Bank of Ireland's unfair mortgage hike'

Govan Law Centre's Mike Dailly says Bank of Ireland may be acting unfairly and oppressively in raising mortgage costs

8 March 2013

PPI mis-selling bill reaches 8.9 billion

439 million was paid out to victims of PPI mis-selling in January, taking the overall total to 8.9 billion

8 March 2013

Bank of Ireland mortgage rate hikes: MP calls for FSA probe

A leading MP has urged the FSA to investigate whether Bank of Ireland is guilty of mis-selling tracker mortgages

25 February 2013

Nationwide blunder reveals email addresses

Nationwide customers should watch out for spam messages, after email addresses were revealed in its monthly newsletter

19 February 2013

Lloyds fined 4.3 million over PPI delays

Lloyds Banking Group has been fined 4.3m for delays in paying out mis-sold PPI to more than 140,000 victims

18 February 2013

PPI reclaiming bill now tops 8.4 billion

360 million was paid out to victims of PPI mis-selling last December, taking the total to 8.4 billion, the FSA says

13 February 2013

Banks not giving adequate investment advice, says FSA

One in four investors are not receiving good enough advice from their bank, a mystery shopping review by the FSA shows

8 February 2013

Post Office delays cuts after not alerting savers in advance

Some Post Office savers' rate cuts will be delayed from 17 January until 25 February, but not all are so lucky

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