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Overpaying your mortgage in December could save £100s

17 December 2013

Borrowers with mortgages where the interest is calculated once a year could save by overpaying now

Best buy mortgage deals could be at risk

15 August 2013

Some best buy deals have been pulled after a rise in the rate at which banks lend to each other

Mortgage rates hit record lows... but watch out for high fees

8 February 2013

Some mortgages with higher headline rates may be more suitable, highlighting the importance of factoring in fees

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Older News Stories

7 December 2012

How mortgage overpayments this month can save £100s

Borrowers with mortgages where the interest is calculated once a year could save by overpaying in the next few weeks

26 November 2012

Co-op launches lowest-ever five-year fixed mortgage

The deal has prompted brokers to suggest homeowners consider fixing their mortgage given the ultra-low offers available

16 October 2012

Mortgage rates down... but top deals hard to get

Home loan rates have fallen, but the top deals are still only available to borrowers with a sizeable deposit

13 July 2012

HSBC launches lowest-ever five-year fixed mortgage

HSBC has launched a five-year fixed deal with a record low rate amid a time of economic uncertainty

1 May 2012

One million face mortgage rate rise

More than a million home owners will see the cost of their mortgage payments increase from today

23 April 2012

Is the interest-only mortgage dead?

Interest-only mortgages are so hard to come by, leading broker David Hollingworth to question if the market's dead

17 April 2012

Building society breaks tracker mortgage deal to quadruple rates

A group of Manchester Building Society mortgage holders face an unprecedented rise in home loan costs of £1,000s

27 March 2012

Is mortgage insurance a better bet than a fix?

Borrowers who want to cap their costs have an alternative to simply getting a new home loan

4 March 2012

Mortgage misery as Halifax and RBS raise standard rates

Over a million homeowners will be hit with payment hikes as two of the country's biggest lenders raise mortgage rates

9 February 2012

Interest-only mortgages could be 'thing of the past'

Such mortgages could become harder to get after Santander upped the minimum deposit needed, with fears others may follow

14 November 2011

Eurozone crisis could force mortgage rates up

Home loan rates could rise as a result of the eurozone crisis, some experts fear

6 October 2011

Interest-only borrowers could be mortgage 'prisoners'

Many who took an interest-only deal can't switch to a cheaper loan because lenders now have stricter qualifying criteria

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