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Big six energy firms face competition probe

27 March 2014

The big six energy companies could face an investigation into whether they are preventing competition in the market

SSE freezes prices until 2016 – but you can still fix energy costs for less

26 March 2014

Scottish and Southern Energy is to freeze household gas and electricity prices until at least January 2016

First Utility launches cheapest energy fix: Is it worth switching to?

17 March 2014

First Utility's new fixed energy tariff is £1,013/year on a typical gas and electricity bill

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Older News Stories

28 February 2014

Switched energy firm in the past six years? You may be owed a share of £200m

Ofgem has found the big six suppliers guilty of failing to return money to millions of former customers

26 February 2014

Big six energy firms told to help smaller rivals compete

Ofgem is to introduce new rules aimed at helping smaller firms break into the energy market

19 February 2014

In credit on your energy bill? Millions to get automatic refunds

Energy customers will now get automatic refunds regardless of how much their account is in credit by

18 February 2014

First Utility cuts costs for paying cash – but switch to direct debit to save on energy bills

First Utility has cut its fees if you pay for energy by cash or cheque. But switch to direct debit to save on bills

8 January 2014

Npower confirms energy bill cut – but prices are still up

Npower customers will see bills fall following Government intervention, but prices are still up after winter hikes

6 January 2014

Scottish Power and SSE cut bills, but prices are still up

Scottish Power and SSE customers will see bills fall following Government intervention, but prices are still up

6 December 2013

E.on to hike energy prices by 3.7% - switch or fix now

E.on becomes the last of the big six energy companies to hike prices

2 December 2013

Government shakes up energy bills – what does it mean for you?

The Government has announced a raft of measures to cut the impact of social and environmental programmes on energy bills

12 November 2013

EDF to hike gas and electricity prices by 3.9% from January

2.4 million EDF customers will be hit with gas and electricity price rises of 3.9% from 3 January

5 November 2013

Aged over 61? You could get help with your energy bills

Most people aged over 61 are entitled to up to £300 under the Government's Winter Fuel Payment scheme

29 October 2013

EDF to hold prices until 2014, as energy bosses appear before MPs

Energy giant EDF has pledged not to hike prices before the end of the year, as power bosses were grilled by MPs

24 October 2013

Scottish Power hikes prices by 8.6%

Scottish Power becomes the fourth of the big six firms to hike energy prices

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