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Free 0800 Calls From Mobiles

Avoid costly rates with 0800Buster

Free your mobileCall an 0800, 0808, or 0500 number from a landline and it's free. Call from a mobile, though, and you could pay up to 20p/min. What's more, calls to these numbers are very rarely included in inclusive minutes packages.

The solution? Use a service which connects you to the "free" number via a standard landline number. Then the call is included in your mobile plan's inclusive minutes or charged the same as a local call.

Regulator Ofcom will make calls from mobiles to 0800 numbers free from 1 July this year. It will also launch new rules to make the cost of calling businesses and services clearer. We'll publish more details here nearer the time.

How much does a freephone call cost?

The table below shows the main networks' standard call costs to 0800, 0808, and 0500 numbers, for both contract and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers

Cost of calling freephone numbers from a mobile per min
EE Giffgaff O2 Orange T-Mobile Three Vodafone
Contract 20p - 20.4p 20p 20.4p Free1 20.4p
PAYG 20p Free Up to 20p 7p 20p Up to 15.3p 14p
1. If you joined after 13 Mar 2014 on a 24-month contract, or after 15 Jul 2014 on Sim-only; for those on older contracts it's 15.3p/min. Prices correct at 28 Jan 2015.

0808 80 numbers are always free

Helplines logo Numbers that start 0808 80 (not just 0808) are always free to call from your mobile. These numbers are issued by The Helpline Association for non-profit helplines.
The six big mobile providers (T-Mobile, Orange, O2, Vodafone, EE and Three) have agreed to make calls to these numbers free, though you may need credit on pay-as-you-go phones.

This includes helplines such as Breast Cancer Care, Rape and Sexual Abuse Line and the NSPCC. You can check numbers using the search facility on the THA website.

When calling an 0808 80 number, try to not use the
apps or services listed below, as you may use up
inclusive minutes or be charged.

Some other THA numbers beginning 080 are also free, depending on the network. Below are the links to each provider's site with details of which helpline numbers it doesn't charge for, or for checking the cost of calling a specific number:

  • EE
  • o2
  • orange
  • t-mobile
  • three
  • vodafone

Call 0800 numbers for free

There are downloadable apps you can use to make cheap (or even free) calls to freephone 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers from your smartphone. They work by routing the calling through the Internet, or by providing alternative local numbers (starting 01 or 02) which are free with inclusive minutes.

If you're calling from a non-smartphone, there are websites that provide alternative numbers, which you can save to your phone to make calls using inclusive minutes.

Pay-as-you-go customers - be careful

If you don't get inclusive minutes when you top up, you'll be charged standard rates for local calls. In most cases, the cost of a local call can be more than the charge for an 0800 call, so check first.

What about 0870/0845 numbers?

The services below only work for freephone, rather than paid-for numbers. However, it's usually possible to find geographical alternative numbers for 0870/0845s too. See the full Say No To 0870 guide for more info.

Smartphone apps - download for free calls

If you've got a smartphone you can download an app to help make free calls. This is by far the easiest method:

Make free calls via wi-fi or data

Skype mobile app*

What is it? Skype is the most popular Voice over Internet Protocol service. It's primarily used to make free calls to other Skype users over the internet, but you can also call landlines and mobiles with it. While this usually costs money, handily it's free to call 0800 numbers.

Its mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users.

How do I use it? Once you've downloaded the app, create a Skype profile for free. Then simply make sure you're connected to wi-fi or have a data signal before typing the number directly into the app's keypad.

Warning: The call will be free so long as it's to a freephone 0800 number, but be aware that it will use up your data allowance if you're calling through 3G/4G. If you're using your home broadband, it will eat up some of your monthly usage if you have a limited broadband package (although the amount would be fairly negligible in comparison to most broadband download allowances).

Free calls if you'd rather use your inclusive minutes

0800 Wizard - mobile version

0800 WizardWhat is it? Barritel has developed the 0800 Wizard app, in addition to its website. Download the app for free, and use it to make landline calls to freephone numbers. This is the better method if you prefer to use your included minutes to make the calls, rather than Wi-fi or data (which may eat up your allowance).

It's available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone users.

How do I use it? Once you've downloaded the app, open it and simply dial the 0800, 0808 or 0500 number you want to call into the 0800 Wizard dialler (pictured). Barritel will then assign an 01 or an 02 number to dial in its place, routing your call via a landline. It's very simple - there are no other buttons to press.

Calls will be free if you have inclusive minutes with your package, or charged at the same rate as a call made to an 01 or 02 landline number if you don't.

Making free calls from a non-smartphone

The websites listed below provide alternative numbers which allow consumers with a standard mobile (not a smartphone) to make 0800 calls using their inclusive minutes.

If you don't want to use your inclusive minutes and have a microphone or headset for your computer, you can make calls through your Internet connection using Skype's Windows or Mac applications.

Save a special number to your mobile for cheap calls


0800 Web Wizard 0800Buster provides alternative access numbers for making cheap calls to 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers. When you dial one of its landline numbers, you'll be connected directly to the number you want, bypassing the costly 'freephone' number. So if you use as part of your inclusive minutes it doesn’t cost you anything.

How do I use it? Go to the 0800Buster website  and under "instructions", on the top left-hand side, you'll find a landline number. Save this on your mobile. Call it next time you need to dial an 0800, 0808 or 0500 number, then enter the number you want to contact followed by the # key.

Warning: Follow the instructions carefully. Some MoneySavers have reported calls have been charged for, as they have pressed the green call button after typing in the ‘freephone’ number. This causes the first call to be put on hold and the call to the 0800/0808/0500 number to be charged as a separate call.

Generate a specific alternative number each time to call at landline rates

0800 Wizard - web version

0800 Web WizardWhat is it? Barritel, a telecoms provider specialising in freephone numbers for businesses, has developed the 0800 Wizard service. Like 0800Buster, you can use it to make landline calls to freephone numbers.

How do I use it? Visit the 0800 Wizard website and type in the number you want to call. You'll then be given an alternative 01 or 02 number to dial from your mobile. This will be charged at a standard landline rate (so it'll be free if you have inclusive minutes).

The number may change, so visit the website each time you want to call a freephone number from your mobile to make sure you're being connected to the right company.

We've tested these services, but if you find glitches, please report them in the forum discussion.

Quick questions

How do these services make money?

Are there any other services that do the same thing?

Can my mobile network block the number?

Is it safe to call my bank on it?

Free directory enquiries on your mobile

The existence of services such as 0800Buster and 0800 Wizard opens up a tidy loophole allowing you to get completely free directory enquiries from your mobile.

There's a freephone directory enquiries service, paid for by advertising, that you'll be able to use via the service:

The Number - 0800 118 3733

The Number offers an automated directory enquiries service. This means you have to listen to an advert before you ask it for numbers. Also, rather irritatingly, it'll ask you for the address of the company you're looking for by default, and only ask for the area afterwards.

But it lets you grab more than one number per call, so it's quickest if you need a few.

You can use the 0800Buster service or 0800 Wizard app to call The Number for free or for the same price as a mobile call to a landline. For more, read the Free Directory Enquiries guide.

How to complain about your mobile provider

The mobile industry doesn't have the best customer service reputation and while a provider may be good for some, it can be hell for others. Common problems include limited network coverage, slow data speeds, unexpected charges and more. It’s always worth trying to call your provider first, but if not then…

Free tool if you’re having a problem

This tool helps you draft your complaint and manage it too. It’s totally free, and offered by a firm called Resolver which we like so much we work with it to help people get complaints justice.

If the complaint isn't resolved, Resolver will automatically escalate it to the free Ombudsman Services (or CISAS if you're complaining about EE or Virgin Mobile).

Important: if your issue is about a voucher or incentive that was part of an MSE Blagged deal, then instead just let us know by emailing as that’s usually quicker.