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Which paper do you read?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 12 August 2008:

Which paper do you read?

We thought itd be interesting to find out what newspapers MoneySavers read. If you read more than one, please pick the paper you read MOST in a typical week.


A. The Sun/News of the World.879 votes (10 %)
B. Daily Star/Daily Star Sunday.67 votes (1 %)
C. Daily Mirror/Sunday Mirror.334 votes (4 %)
D. Express/Sunday Express.248 votes (3 %)
E. Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday.1,387 votes (16 %)
F. Times/Sunday Times.1,053 votes (12 %)
G. Guardian/Observer.1,008 votes (12 %)
H. Independent/Indie on Sunday.309 votes (4 %)
I. Telegraph/Sunday Telegraph.637 votes (7 %)
J. Financial Times.77 votes (1 %)
K. The Morning Star.  7 votes (0 %)
L. The Herald/Sunday Herald.60 votes (1 %)
M. Scotland on Sunday.  11 votes (0 %)
N. Scottish Telegraph.  3 votes (0 %)
O. The Scotsman.47 votes (1 %)
P. Daily Record/Sunday Mail.99 votes (1 %)
Q. Sunday Post.  16 votes (0 %)
R. Other Scottish National Newspaper.  11 votes (0 %)
S. Western Mail.  19 votes (0 %)
T. Other paid for local/regional/national paper.423 votes (5 %)
U. Other free local/regional/national newspaper.379 votes (4 %)
V. None. I access news online/via broadcast.910 votes (11 %)
W. None.527 votes (6 %)

                   8,511 votes received.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.

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