Have you ever used the leftover milk from cereal to put in your coffee or tea?


Have you, or would you ever try, to haggle in a charity shop?


Have you ever re-used teabags?


Have you ever deliberately waited to charge your mobile phone at work to save on your home leccy bill?


Do you grab as many freebies as you can, even if you don't need the product being given away?


If in a restaurant, where tipping's appropriate, have you/would you minimise the tip - no rounding up - even if the service was good?


Have you ever taken sachets of sugar/condiments from restaurants or shampoos from hotels to use at home?


If it's yellow, do you 'let it mellow' (do you leave a tinkle unflushed) to cut water bills? (If you don't have a water meter, would you if you did?)


Have you ever taken anything home from a skip on the street?


Have you ever snuck your own crisps, drinks or sweets into the cinema?


If splitting the bill based on 'who's had what', have you/would you ever deliberately put in less than you should, knowing everyone will have to split the extra?


Have you ever bought own-brand goods then presented them in a box/container of the expensive stuff (rice puffs in a Rice Krispies box)?


If you gave someone a CD, DVD or computer game as a present would you listen, watch or play it first?


Have you ever, or would you consider using a 2-for-1 restaurant voucher on a first date?


When it's your round in the pub, have you ever manoeuvred yourself so you can't be found?


Do you have to get every last drop out of every bottle or tube, cutting it up and scraping it out if need be?


Have you ever followed the shop assistant with the price reducing sticker machine around the supermarket?


Have you or would you, tell your kids that when an ice cream van plays music, it means it's run out of ice cream?


Have you ever received a present and then re-gifted it to someone else?


Ever gone through the bins outside supermarkets to find receipts with unclaimed loyalty points on 'em?

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