Private parking mitigating circumstances

Mitigating reasons may include:

  • Getting a ticket while broken down.
  • Tending to an emergency or clearing an obstruction from the road.
  • Dropping an ill patient off at hospital.
  • You were too ill to move your car.
  • You’ve had a recent bereavement.
  • You were at a funeral (and needed to park to attend the funeral or were unable to move your car because you were attending the funeral).
  • You were on holiday when the bay you were in became suspended (temporarily stopping parking there) and the warning was erected while you were away.
  • You bought a ticket/had a permit but it fell off the window or was not visible to the warden. Technically, it's your responsibility to display the ticket/permit correctly, so prepare for possible defeat, but it's still worth appealing.
  • It is a first offence on that piece of land.
  • You are a law abiding citizen and you made an honest mistake and you are now fully aware of the parking restrictions.