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  • Want to party like it's 1999? Turns out you can! Amazon's Autorip service* lets you stream or download the MP3 version of many physical CDs or vinyl you buy, for free - yet this can also apply to music you've bought from Amazon at any time since 1999.

    You can potentially recover 21 years of forgotten music - from CDs you've lost, damaged or thrown away, and MP3s you downloaded that have since been wiped from your devices.

    How do I reclaim my old music?

    Check your Amazon Music* library to see if you've any past albums available to stream and download. Bear in mind, it can take a while for Autorip to locate your music. It's also worth noting only CDs and vinyl which were sold and dispatched by Amazon, and have the Autorip logo displayed alongside them are eligible to be reclaimed.

    The biggest musical treasure trove at MSE belonged to former MSE staffer Darryl, who had 150 albums going back 13 years - they took about 10 minutes to get.

    Success stories from the MSE Forum:

    "Wow! 11 albums equating to 118 songs. How fab is that? Thanks MSE" - Elliesmum

    "21 albums and 386 songs - brilliant!" - Shezzieh

    "Thought this was brilliant, then realised I'd bought the mother-in-law a Susan Boyle CD... ugh" - GingerJuice (who clearly got a lot more than they bargained for)

    To explore new music as well as old, you might like to take up a free three-month trial of Deezer Premium.

    • The odd CD or vinyl album might slip through the net. Amazon currently has more than 350,000 titles and is always expanding its collection.

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