Save big on bottles of Coke

You’re going to need a caffeine & sugar fix to leg it to your local Tesco in time to get this deal. By cheekily combining two deals, you can grab two 1.75 litre bottles of Coke for £1.12 – down from £3.88..

This is a lovely little trick that isn’t going to last long… if you can find it (I couldn’t).

1.75 litre bottles of Coke – the medium-sized ones – are on offer at two for £3 until Wednesday 11 June.

However, there’s also an offer where two bottles are for £2 – the promotion’s advertised on the label.

So if you can find these bottles with £2 on the label at Tesco (I tried three stores, two small, one giant), both promotions work together.

This is how it works:

• Each bottle of Coke is £1.94 each.
• If you buy two, it’ll come to £3.88.
• With the two for £2 promotion, you’ll save £1.88.
• While with the two for £3 promotion, you’ll save 88p.
• So if you take off the £1.88 and the 88p off the full price of £3.88, you’re left with £1.12 for both bottles – 56p each!

Let me know if you find any of those £2 bottles and if the deal’s worked out for you – I’ve been told it’s working, so fingers crossed.