Always get your herbs for half-price

Do you buy your dried herbs and spices from your local supermarket? Depending on what you want, you can get them for half the price AND twice the size. Here’s you can add some spice into your life without having to pay a fortune for it.

One of my biggest passions (apart from deals hunting, that is) is cooking. I cook nearly every day, from scratch, and this means I get through a lot of herbs and spices.

Standard Schwartz-branded jars cost about £1.50 for between 25g to 45g. Not cheap. Especially if you – like me – like to load up on the spice.

There’s only one place I go for my herbs, and that’s Tiger. It’s probably my favourite shop.

I’m a Swansea girl who moved to London about six years ago. While there are lots of shops in London that Swansea doesn’t have, it was Tiger that excited me most.

If you’ve never been to one, it’s a bit like Ikea (it’s also Scandinavian) – it’s cheap but what’s on offer is more random. You can find anything from paperclips in the shape of hearts to drinks glasses and fishing rods.

My mum swears by the glasses and she makes me bring some with me whenever I go home. But the herbs are my top buys. At £1 for 75g to 100g, that’s a steal compared to Schwartz.

The standard ones I stock up on are oregano, basil, cumin and pepper as well as more specific ones such as East Indian curry spice and Gyros seasoning.

They don’t come in little jars, but in plastic bags – so I transfer them into old glass jars when they need refilling to save me buying new ones or having open bags spilling out all over my cupboards.

Now that’s a deal to caraway(d) with. (Sorry – tenuous pun!)

There are 34 Tiger stores in England, Scotland and Wales – check out this link to find out where your nearest is.