Disney’s Frozen items – for £1 each

Anything to do with the Disney film Frozen is incredibly hard to get hold of . They’re not cheap, either. But I’ve managed to stumble across a great selection – all for £1 per item.  

MSE Update Wed 19 Nov, 09.30am: A wide range of £1 Frozen merchandise can now be found at rival pound shop chain Poundworld

In my attempt to be the best auntie in the world, I’ve spent a LOT of time in Disney shops. The staff tell me anything to do with Frozen sells out within a few hours.

When I tried to get a Frozen Elsa dress, I had to queue up when new stock finally came in. Believe me, getting your hands on something Frozen-based is no easy feat.

So imagine my surprise when I saw Poundland had a load of legitimate Frozen products. Seriously! I was super-chuffed when I found these, as I’m a pretty big Frozen fan myself. I’ve had Let It Go playing on repeat in my head for the last three months.

The items were in the beauty and bath sections – but they weren’t all together, so look around.

So here’s my haul (all with the two main characters Elsa and Anna on the front):

Poundland’s told us they’re all licensed Disney goods and are available nationwide. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and I reckon they won’t be around long.