EXPIRED – ‘Free’ Subway rumour – it could bag you free breakfast

There’s no such a thing as a free lunch… but there could be when it comes to breakfast if the “free breakfast butty at Subway” whispers are true. Here’s how it’s rumoured to work.

Saturday’s 60p Daily Star will have a voucher for a breakfast Subway bacon or turkey roll, which is usually £1.29.

I’ve been hearing rumours that this is the start of a nationwide promotion that’s going to carry on in three other newspapers.

Except for Metro, this is ‘free’ as opposed to free, as you have to pay for a paper to get hold of the roll. But as most of the papers cost less than £1, it’s a cracking deal.

Here are the unconfirmed newspapers and dates:

i, 40p – Saturday 26 July

Sunday Express, £1.40 – Sunday 10 August

Daily Star, 60p – Saturday 16 August

So is the rumour true?

I’ve been in touch with Subway’s press team to get some more details but – unsurprisingly – it hasn’t got back to me. That said, so far it seems like it’s a done deal.

Once you have the voucher, you have to get your roll before 11am as it’s a breakfast sub.

But on the upside, you’ve got three days to use it.

If you don’t want to pay for a paper but want to get your hands on a free bacon butty, you could snaffle some free copies of today’s Metro and pig out on free rolls over the weekend!

PS. I picked up a few copies of the Metro on my way to work this morning and the voucher’s there, on page 45. The boys in the office are very pleased with me.