EXPIRED – Get £5 of fruit and veg for 40p

Want £5 worth of fruit and veg for 40p? Think of how many carrots that is! Find out how…

On page 18 of today’s Sun newspaper, which costs 40p, you can get a £5 coupon for fruit and veg to spend in Morrisons – and you don’t have to spend a certain amount first before you can use it.

The coupon is only valid on fresh fruit and veg – so no frozen or tinned items. Items from the salad bar are also excluded including nuts and seeds.

You can only use one coupon per person.

The coupon is valid until Sunday 10 August, and you can use it at any of the big Morrisons stores, but not the little metro or petrol station ones.

Unfortunately, you can’t combine it with any other offers.

A word of warning, Morrisons’ £5 off £10 meat coupon featured in The Sun last week was so popular that stores run out of newspapers and meat as savvy couponers were buying them all up – so get this one ASAP.

Get the most out of your coupon

Although it is one coupon per person, couponers using last week’s offer spread out their shops into different transactions between family members – for example, a family of four with four coupons, doing four separate transactions. It’s not guaranteed to work – especially if you shop together showing you’re part of the same family – the meat coupon certainly highlighted that some stores were stricter on this than others.

I’ve gone and bought two papers, one for me and one for my boyfriend.

Don’t forget, you can freeze fruit and veg. Check out this guide from BBC Good Food.

I’ll be freezing lots of berries to put on my porridge in the morning.