EXPIRED – £7.50 champagne trick? Min 6 bottles (RRP £18)

Last week’s cracking champagne deal online at Sainsbury’s has got mostly better! The worst case scenario is you get a 75cl bottle of Antoine De Clevecy champagne for £10.50  – already the cheapest on the market. But newbies to Sainsbury.co.uk  may effectively get it for less with a bit of playing. Corking! (due to alcohol promo laws this doesn’t work in Scotland).

Last week we told you how to get six bottles of champers delivered for £8.50 each with a bit of cheeky deal stacking. Last week, lots of people managed to get the fancy fizz, including forumite Jpdc996 who said: “Got it! £50 for 6 bottles including delivery – excellent. Thanks for the tip.”  Ahem, I might even have a picked up a few bottles myself – this week a couple of changes, mostly for the good…

This is all about combining a number of different promotions – what we like to call code stacking.

1) It’s reduced from £18 to £14 a bottle

Antoine De Clevecy bubbly is reduced to £14 a bottle (its standard non-discounted price is £18) in stores and online at Sainsbury’s* until Tuesday 18 November.

2) Sainsbury’s also has 25% off six bottles, meaning it is £10.50 per bottle if you order six

Buy six bottles of any of the promotional champagnes or wines, before Sunday 9 November and you’ll automatically get a further 25% discount, which is a great price for a bottle of bubbly even if you don’t boost the discounts further.

That means you can buy six bottles of Antoine De Clevecy for £84, minus the 25% discount which works out at £63, £10.50 a bottle plus delivery if you order online (but this can also be done in store).

3) Now for the trick – new to Sainsbury’s online? Boost it further with a £20 off £60 code and spend £20 on groceries that you’d buy anyway

Enter the code MSN91420 and you’ll get £20 off when you spend £60 online until Saturday 20 December. Yet you can’t use this just on alcohol, so add £20 of groceries (things that you would’ve bought anyway, so effectively there’s no additional cost to you – or at most there’s the extra cost of buying them in Sainsbury’s compared to your own normal supermarket).

That means you’ll be spending £63 on 6 bottles of champagne AND £20 of groceries, so effectively £43 on the champagne, plus delivery is £2.95-£5.95 depending on the slot. Voila! Bubbly effectively from £7.50 – a ridiculously cheap price.


NB.  Last week we had a £15 off £60 code, and while it wasn’t supposed to work with alcohol, it did, so many people got this without adding the groceries.  Sainsbury’s has stopped that both on the £15 code and the £20 code now, so you need to buy the groceries this week.

Please be Drinkaware. Multi-buy drinks offers not valid in Scotland.

Let us know below if you get the champagne or in our forum.