EXPIRED – Finish your pen and get a tenner

Feel like your pens are always running dry? Well, Bic has set the challenge to finish the ink in a Bic Cristal pen. If you can do it you’ll get a tenner as a reward – so get scribbling.

Use up all the ink in your Bic Cristal pen and Bic will send you £10. Sounds easy enough, right? Well apparently not, as there’s up to three kilometres worth of ink in every pen. That is a serious amount of doodling.

Which pens do I need to buy?

You need to buy a promotional pack of 10 Bic Cristal medium ballpoint pens, either in black or assorted colours, before Friday 31 October. Make sure you keep the receipt.

You can get the packs at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Staples, Ryman and WHSmith, but they’re currently cheapest at Wilko, where you can get them for £1.70. Then get drawing, doodling or writing.

My ink has run out – what now?

Congratulations on getting this far. Go to the Bic Creativity Facebook page, ‘like’ the page and click on the ‘Bic Cristal Challenge’ tab and click ‘Claim your £10’.

Download, print and post it so that it arrives before Saturday 31 January to Bic Cristal Challenge, PO BOX 133, Uckfield, TN22 1HH. Make sure you include your empty pen as well as your till receipt that proves you bought the pens between Monday 16 June and Friday 31 October.

You’ll also need to complete a 15-word statement on how you managed to finish your pen. Don’t worry, they aren’t expecting Shakespeare and won’t judge your writing.

Bic will not accept a cracked or damaged pen, as this could mean you’ve fiddled with it to remove the ink, so make sure you wrap it up safely before you send it. You have to wait 30 days after purchasing the pens before sending your £10 claim form to Bic.

What’s an eligible pen?

You’ll get a £10 cheque  within 28 days if they deem the empty pen ‘eligible’, which means:

1)      The inner cartridge must be intact and not tampered with in any way

2)      There must be no ink left in the cartridge

3)      The pen must not be able to write when tested

4)      The outer casting, nib, ballpoint and top of the pen must all be intact and not tampered with in any way and must not be chewed.

You’ve got to be over 18 to join in with this challenge and it’s only one pen per household allowed – so you’re capped at a tenner. Happy scribbling.