EXPIRED – Ghoulish glitch? 1p Cadbury Screme Eggs

You could take advantage of a horribly good Halloween glitch if you’re popping into a Morrisons. Cadbury Screme Eggs (Halloween version of the Cadbury Crème Egg) are supposed to be 65p each or two for £1, but are sometimes scanning through the till at 1p. I’m cackling with delight.

This is very much not guaranteed, but worth a try if you’re close to a Morrisons. It seems to be working for some and not for others, but after being alerted to the glitch by friends, I thought I’d pop into a local store (I’ll always go above and beyond for choc).

How to get it

First off, the eggs were hidden in big bowls in the till area with other seasonal items like chocolate reindeers and Kinder Eggs, so be prepared to hunt about a bit.

The ones I found had the barcode 50105175 and the best before date of Friday 31 July 2015. I scanned one of the eggs and it went through at 10p. I was a bit disappointed because for a glitch hunter, 1p is the dream!

However, I thought I’d pick some more up for my colleagues as we were working on the weekly email and chocolate was much needed. When I scanned through an EVEN number of eggs, they would adjust to 1p each. When I selected an odd total number of eggs, I was charged 10p for the odd egg and 1p each for the rest. Even or odd, you’re getting an egg-cellent discount.

Is it legit?

Morrisons doesn’t seem to realise that the eggs are scanning through at 1p, which means it’s very probably a mistake. So just be aware that this could be pulled at any moment.

Do they taste spook-tacular?

The eggs have a green yolk inside rather than the standard yellow, but I ate one anyway because I’m helpful like that. I was relieved to find it was no different and just as tasty as the normal ones. If the green gunge look puts you off, maybe just close your eyes. Or you can give them to the trick or treaters.

Let me know if you manage to pick up a 1p Cadbury Screme Egg below or comment in our forum.