‘Free’ Starbucks Latte with £2.50 bag of coffee

If the daily grind is getting to you and you feel like you’ve got a latte problems and the price of takeaway coffee makes you say ‘What the Frapp?!’, then you need to give this free Starbucks latte deal a shot. (Sorry, I just love coffee puns.)

After spotting hmgr’s thread in the MSE forum told us something interesting was brewing, I went to investigate the Starbucks deal. This one takes a bit of legwork, as you have to buy a 200g bag of Starbucks coffee from a supermarket first. Keep an eye out for the ones with the ‘Free Tall Latte’ offer on the packet. It looks like this



My contact at Starbucks tells me it can be found on four different packs – Roast and Ground House Blend, Colombia, Caffe Verona and Whole Bean Espresso Roast. You can find these in Tesco and Waitrose. It’s normally around £3.49 but it’s on offer at £2.50 until Tues 2 December, which I reckon is pretty cheap for Starbucks. All you have to do to get your free coffee is hand in the empty packet to the barista at Starbucks.

So off I trekked to Starbucks and exchanged my empty bag (I decanted it into a coffee tin for the entire office to enjoy!) for a free tall latte, which usually costs £2.25. So I actually ended up forking out only £2.50 for £5.74 worth of Starbucks products! This is a great deal if you’re a coffee fiend both at home and on the go. It’s also Red Cups season (Christmas drinks!) at Starbucks, which sweetened the deal even more for me. I can hear Christmas jingles as I drink…



Starbucks told me there’s no end date for the offer, but you do only have 30 days from the expiry date on your coffee pack to claim the free latte. Most Starbucks shops are participating, but some licensed or franchised stores (the ones in airports and hotels) may not be taking part, so check ahead if in doubt. You can only get one free coffee per transaction, and you can’t get any free add-ons like syrup or extra shots.


Our forums are a goldmine for tricks, glitches and deals like this, so keep an eye out in the Shopping & Freebies Board for more. Happy coffee drinking and tweet us to let us know if you got the deal!



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