EXPIRED – Trick: Pay £10, get £20 Tesco voucher & access ‘£9.50’ Sun hols without tokens

The Sun regularly runs ‘£9.50’ holiday deals, but actually with the added extras they don’t always work out that cheap. You also usually need to buy The Sun newspaper and collect 10 tokens to sign up for these bargain breaks – costing you at least £4. The date for doing that has now passed, but MSE user Philip alerted us to a cracking loophole which means you can snap up a holiday without collecting the tokens, and you’ll also get a £20 Tesco gift card.

We’ve done our own research and it’ll cost you £9.99, which includes access to The Sun’s online content as well, but frankly we’re not interested in that, this is all about the £9.50 holiday and £20 Tesco voucher.

What are ‘£9.50’ Sun hols?

Sun holidays are three or four-day holiday park breaks aimed at families. We don’t plan to go into the full details here – see our Sun £9.50 holidays guide to find out if they’re for you. If they are, then great news – we’ve found a trick to make them even cheaper!

How do you access this?

Sign up to the half-price Sun+ three-month deal (now expired) for £9.99. Sun+ is The Sun’s digital subscription service, which gets members access to The Sun website as well as other perks. It’s currently offering a £20 Tesco gift card to new members so, as long as you remember to cancel, you’re £10 up.

This is a decent deal in itself, but if you’re after the cheap holidays too, then as a Sun+ member you’re eligible to apply for them without the hassle and cost of collecting the newspaper tokens. Once you sign up, you’ll need to apply for your holiday by Fri 13 Feb.

Important: make sure you remember to cancel

Make sure you mark it in your diary to cancel your Sun+ membership before the three-month period is up, as after that you’ll be charged £19.99 for the next three months. Wait at least 14 days after you sign up to cancel though, as The Sun says you won’t get the gift card or the holiday if you cancel within that time.