Chocolate bunny hops to the top of our taste test…

The Lindt chocolate bunny. The Madonna of the chocolate bunny world – a true icon. Unfortunately for Lindt since it lost the case to trademark the chocolate bunny shape, ‘dupes’ have been popping up all over the place. Here at MSE Towers we decided to hop to it – in the interest of our users of course – and put these Easter bunnies through their paces.

We’ve taken into account the look, taste and price of our furless little friends and we’ve made a few surprising discoveries (see image below for full scores).

The cheapest by far was Aldi’s bunny which costs 79p for 120g, on the flip side the most expensive bunny was from M&S costing £5 for 170g, a whopping 6.3 times more than its counterpart, although there is a 50g difference.

In terms of looks, M&S was leaps and bounds ahead of the pack – obviously where that extra cost-price is going – but interestingly the cheaper Aldi and Lindt, both in similar gold foil, were tied neck and neck in second place – not a hare between them.

Lastly, and most importantly was the taste. Sadly for our pockets (but not surprisingly) Lindt was the winner on taste, however it was closely followed by Lidl, which at 236% cheaper tastes even sweeter to us.

M&S and Aldi were tied on the taste test but the bunny from M&S is five times more expensive, so it just goes to show that the most expensive isn’t always the best.

Personally, my favourite was the Lidl bunny but the Lindt came out on top overall in the votes. I would suggest keeping a beady eye out for discounts available, whilst they usually retail at £4 I’ve seen the Lindt bunny on offer at Tesco for £3.

Now we have some Easter eggs to taste test for you next – all in the name of research…!