EXPIRED – Free Hotel Chocolat egglets – who wants one?

Thought that would grab your attention! This one is completely easy and you can get totally FREE Hotel Chocolat chocolate if you’re in one of the towns below on the dates listed. The Easter Bunny will be visiting Hotel Chocolat stores across the UK handing out free “egglets” (little eggs) worth about 60p between 23 March and 4 April. Use the Hotel Chocolate store locator for its address.

Here’s where and when you can grab your free chocolate:


23rd: Bath, Aberdeen & King’s Cross
24th: Reading, Edinburgh & Edinburgh, John Lewis
25th: London (Brushfield Street), Gateshead (Metro Centre)
26th: Leeds & Leeds Roast+Conch restaurant/shop
27th: Manchester (Arndale Centre), London (Cheapside St Pauls)
28th: Manchester (Trafford Centre), Cardiff, London (Kingston)
29th: Liverpool (White City), Southampton
31st: Leicester, London (Canary Wharf), Bristol


1st: Tunbridge Wells, London (Covent Garden), Sheffield
2nd: Birmingham, St Albans, Lakeside
3rd: Milton Keynes, Watford, Bromley
4th: Bluewater, Cambridge, Norwich

What has Hotel Chocolat told us?

After we saw the advert below in a recent Hotel Chocolat catalogue, we asked for more information.

Hotel Chocolat catalogue

Hotel Chocolat was reticent to give us details, but according to the Hotel Chocolat website, Beau Bunny will be handing out 80,000 salted caramel egglets.

It did tell us “The free egglets form part of the Beau Bunny tour and are distributed by the bunny character in store as part of the promotional activity tour. They are a bespoke product created for the campaign, therefore you can’t buy them in store.”

Search its site for caramel egglets, though, and it shows a 65g bag of six Pecan Egglets in caramel normally costs £3.75. Based on this we’d say the bespoke ones being handed out in stores are worth roughly 63p each.

Hotel Chocolat has said Beau Bunny will be at the stores as listed on the website but won’t be available all day “as the poor chap will need a break but he will be available throughout the day”. So there are no guarantees you’ll catch the bunny and grab your free chocolate, but if you’re going into these towns on those days anyway, it’s worth a try.

Give us a shout if you grab one, either in the discussion below or on our Forum.