EXPIRED – FREE ice cream with Ben & Jerry’s ‘Free Cone Day’

We’ve got a big scoop for you. Here at MSE Towers, we’re counting down to one of the most important days of the year. No, it’s not the start of the new season of Game of Cones – it’s ‘Free Cone Day’ at Ben & Jerry’s. 

What is Free Cone Day?

Once a year, Ben & Jerry’s gives out free ice cream cones at selected stores across the UK. So this year, on Tuesday 14 April, you can get TOTALLY FREE Ben & Jerry’s ice cream if you visit a participating store between 12-8pm. This is the 37th annual Free Cone Day, so it’s become something of a tradition for die-hard ice cream fans.

How do you get free ice cream?

To get your free cone, first go online to find your nearest participating store –  you’ll need to enter your postcode and tick the ‘Participate Free Cone Day’ box. Some concession stands in cinemas are participating, so if you don’t think there’s a Ben & Jerry’s store near you, it’s still worth checking if your local Odeon or Vue cinema is offering free cones.

Once you’ve found a participating store, all you need to do is turn up between 12pm and 8pm and ask for your free cone. It’s one scoop per cone (norm £2.95), and you can choose any flavour. It’s likely there’ll be long queues so either get there early, or be prepared to wait a while for your freebie.

Ben & Jerry’s says there’s no limit to the number of free cones you can get, but you will have to join the queue again if you’re after a second one. Please eat responsibly.