EXPIRED – Domino’s trick to get £2-£5 off ANY one pizza

There are often deals at Domino’s offering 2for1 or up to 50% off a minimum spend on pizzas, but these usually involve buying food for several people (and only on specific days). If you just want a single pizza, any day, you have to be a bit more creative.

That’s how we stumbled upon this trick to make a Domino’s pizza up to £5 cheaper by manipulating the ‘create your own’ system on its recently launched Pizza Legends* site.

You can use Pizza Legends to design a pizza with any combination of toppings you like, and until Sun 28 Jun there’s an automatic code added after you’ve completed your masterpiece, which gives you 30% off what you create. So this got us thinking… “What if I just rip off a Domino’s pizza from the menu?”

Well, you get 30% off the ‘create your own’ price, and when compared to the standard full-price menu, this could save you about a fiver if you copy the toppings from your favourite Domino’s flavour. When there’s no better deal around, it’s a fun way of getting a sneaky slice or two free.

The Deals team (excluding our vegetarian contingent) were absolutely thrilled when we made our own version of the Pepperoni Passion and saved £5.75 from the full-price menu on Domino’s main site.

Below are a few more examples – all based on large pizzas ordered for a London postcode (E1). Domino’s prices can vary depending on your location.

Domino’s flavour* How to make it Pizza Legend price Saving
Pepperoni Passion (£17.99) Classic crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella x 2, pepperoni x 2 £12.24 (£17.49 before code) £5.75
Chicken Feast (£16.99) Classic crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken breast strips, mushrooms, sweetcorn £12.24 (£17.49 before code) £4.75
Texas BBQ (£17.99) Classic crust, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, smoked bacon rashers, chicken breast strips, green & red peppers, red onions £13.29 (£18.99 before code) £4.70
Tandoori Hot (£17.99) Classic crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella, tandoori chicken, green & red peppers, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, red onions £14.34 (£20.49 before code) £3.65
Vegi Supreme (£17.99) Classic crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, green & red peppers, tomato, mushrooms, red onions, sweetcorn £14.34 (£20.49 before code) £3.65
Four Veggie (£16.99) Classic crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella, baby spinach, Domino’s herbs, sunblush tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions £14.34 (£20.49 before code) £2.65
Mighty Meaty (£17.99) Classic crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, Cumberland sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, pepperoni, red onions £15.39 (£21.99 before code) £2.60

If you’re buying more than one pizza, keep an eye on the MSE’s restaurant deals page for the latest offers and codes. Only use this fiddly method if it works out cheaper.

Let us know if you try it and how much you saved by replying to this post in our forum.