‘Free’ £10 spend at Tesco, Argos, M&S (& 1,000s of other retailers) via cashback

There’s a way some people can get paid £10 to shop online at one of 1,000s of retailers, including Tesco, Argos, M&S, Debenhams, Boots and Asos. However only a few people are likely to benefit, not just because it’s capped at 2,000 people, but because it’s only for newbies to cashback website Quidco.

Most people who get excited by these type of deals will probably already be members, and those who aren’t probably won’t be clicking to read this. Yet just in case we thought we’d explain how it works.

How do I get it?

New members who go via our MSE Blagged link to Quidco* can get a £10 ‘bonus’ when they spend £10 or more through the site. There are 4,000+ retailers to choose from (see the full list*).

If you spend just £10, you’ll effectively get your order for free (or even get paid to buy it, as you’ll also receive the normal cashback for your purchase). You may have to pay for delivery on top of the £10 minimum spend, depending on the retailer you choose.

To get the offer you’ll need to sign up* using your email address, click through to a retailer by Fri 31 Jul, and make a purchase. There’s a limit of 2,000 redemptions for this offer so you’ll need to be quick if you want to get it.

What are cashback sites?

Cashback sites pay you when you click through to retailers via them and make a purchase. Usually it’s just a percentage of your spend, but sometimes they fund extra cashback from their marketing budgets to bring in new members – like this.

Your visit will be tracked, but it can take time for the money to be available for you to withdraw, so you will need to pay out first, before getting the cashback. You can then withdraw it via PayPal, or direct to your bank account via BACS.

Please remember, this type of cashback isn’t 100% guaranteed, as there can be issues with tracking your purchase. It’s best to consider it a bonus if you get it, but not to let it drive your purchasing decisions. See our Top Cashback Sites guide for more info.