Is Waitrose’s new ‘pick your own offers’ deal any good?

Waitrose has launched a new loyalty scheme for its myWaitrose card holders to much fanfare (‘pioneering’ and ‘groundbreaking’ to quote its press release). It offers customers the chance to pick their own offers – 10 items from a list of 950 – giving 20% off the selected products in stores and online at

Of course, Waitrose is never going to be the cheapest on all items, but if you’re a regular Waitrose shopper taking advantage is a no-brainer as you’re getting a discount off the items you usually buy. If you’re not, our analysis shows there’s no reason to make a special trip (it still works out more expensive in many cases), but you CAN maximise the offer with some of our handy tips.

What is the myWaitrose card?

Waitrose’s loyalty card is free and anyone can sign up online. It offers perks such as free tea or coffee in stores and free newspapers , as well as the new ‘pick your own offers’ scheme.

To make your selections, you’ll need to create an account online then choose your items. These will be confirmed until mid-September, when Waitrose says they can be changed. The offers are linked to your myWaitrose card, so the 20% off will be triggered automatically on every item you have picked every time you shop in store or online and use your card.

Our 10 picks – did we save?

We selected 10 everyday items an average person might buy regularly – some Waitrose own-brand items were substituted with comparable items from other supermarkets to get a comparison. We’ve worked out the price you’d pay using your myWaitrose card discount, compared with the cheapest elsewhere.

Waitrose item Price after discount Cheapest elsewhere
Waitrose Essential toilet rolls (9x) £2.80 £2 at Tesco
Weetabix (24x) £1.91 £2 at Asda
Waitrose Fairtrade bananas £1.40 80p at Sainsbury’s
Twinings tea bags (x100) £3.52 £4 at Asda
Nescafe instant coffee (200g) £3.20 £3.99 at Morrisons
Fairy washing powder (650g) £2.80 £3 at Asda
Warburtons seeded bread (800g) £1.20 £1.20 at Sainsbury’s
Waitrose free-range eggs (x9) £1.64 £1.69 for 12 at Morrisons
Cathedral City cheese (550g) £4.40 £4 at Asda
Waitrose lean beef mince (400g) £3.42 £1.90 at Sainsbury’s

Total Waitrose: £26.29
Total shopping around: £24.58

Note: Prices correct as of Tuesday 23 June.

Our combined basket of everyday essentials was £1.71 more expensive using the myWaitrose 20% off offers when compared with shopping elsewhere. Of course, this doesn’t take into account your time and travel costs between several stores.

So, is it any good?

We compared a total of 50 common items in more detail and found 23 were cheaper in Waitrose using the 20% discount, two were the same and 25 were cheaper elsewhere. Overall, the 50 items worked out £10.06 more expensive at Waitrose, even with the 20% discount.

How can I maximise it?

We delved a little deeper to see how you can make the most of the new offer.

You get the discount EVERY time you buy. You’ll get the discount on a selected item every time you buy it, so the savings can add up over time if you buy it regularly. For instance, a sandwich that is 60p cheaper than anywhere else would save you £3.20 over a week – if you can stomach a bit of repetition!

Choose items that get the strongest discount. For example, the biggest saving we found was £2.40 on Rowse Manuka honey – £9.59 using the 20% Waitrose discount compared with £11.99 at Asda and Tesco, the next cheapest. We also found Vanish gold oxi action stain remover 470g for £4.56 with the Waitrose discount, compared with £5.70 at Tesco – saving £1.14.

Only go there for lunch? Buying your daily sandwich or Sushi from Waitrose can work out cost effective using the discount as you’ll get 20% off every time. The best savings we found include:
– Waitrose smoked salmon or deli-style pastrami sandwich, save 60p compared with the Tesco alternative, the next cheapest
– Taiko Sushi vegetable sushi, save 32p compared with the Tesco alternative, the next cheapest
– Taiko fuji fish sushi set, save 20p compared with the Tesco alternative, the next cheapest
– Waitrose Atlantic prawn sandwich, save 4p compared with the Tesco alternative, the next cheapest

Not a regular shopper? Strong discounts can be found on specialist items such as:
– Revilla chorizo tradicion stick 390g, save 80p after the 20% discount, compared with the Sainsbury’s alternative, the next cheapest
– Alpro Soya cherry & blueberry plant-based alternative to yogurt 4x125g, save 37p compared with Asda, the next cheapest
– Swedish Glace vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert 750ml, save 24p compared with Asda, the next cheapest
– Waitrose 2 smoked salmon parcels 110g, save 21p compared with the Asda alternative, the next cheapest

£6 off £60 code. If you select your 10 picks by Tuesday 7 July, Waitrose will email you a code for £6 off a £60 spend to use online and in stores within two weeks.

So, overall, although Waitrose’s ‘pick your own offers’ deal doesn’t quite live up to the hype, there are decent savings to be had if you play it right.

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