Tricks for ‘free’ ice cream, bread & more

We all love a freebie and nothing tastes sweeter than when it’s free. So this got us thinking, is it possible to go into a supermarket and get free food?  Well, by using in-store cashback apps/websites and stacking them with store promotions, it just might be.

How do cashback apps/sites work?

Buy specific products in a store, then upload a photograph of your receipt. You’ll have to wait up to a day or so for the cashback to be confirmed before you can request it by BACS or PayPal and you’ll usually receive it within 2-3 days.

Importantly, cashback is never guaranteed and some sites/apps have a minimum amount to reach before you can withdraw, so if you look at it as a bonus rather than a certainty, you’ll have a lot more fun finding freebies.

We’ve found deals with the following in-store cashback apps/websites:

  • CheckoutSmart  is an app run by Quidco. You need a minimum of £5 in your account to withdraw it and you’ll lose 5% if you withdraw before you’ve £20.
  • Quidco ClickSnap website could be good for you if you don’t have a smartphone (offers also available via dedicated ClickSnap app). You’ll need £1.01 in your account before you can withdraw.

What you can get this week…

Here are some of the freebies we’ve grabbed this week, including getting our money back on bread, ice cream, burger thins and Coke.

‘Free’ Kingsmill bread (norm £1)

Until Fri 26 Jun you can get a loaf of Kingsmill farmhouse sliced bread (800g) – soft white, 50/50, seeded or wholemeal – effectively free when you claim cashback. You’ll need to buy a loaf from Sainsbury’s, currently on offer at £1 each until Tue 30 Jun and upload your receipt to Quidco ClickSnap or  CheckoutSmart to claim the £1 cashback.

Here’s the boost. Quidco ClickSnap and CheckoutSmart are both run by the same company, so often have the same offers (including this). You can’t upload the same receipt to both, but you can buy two loaves in separate transactions and upload one to Quidco ClickSnap and one to CheckoutSmart for cashback on two loaves.

Two ‘free’ 1.75L bottles of Coca-Cola (norm £1.85 each)

Freebie hunting is thirsty work, so if you’re a CheckoutSmart newbies you can also get 1.75L of Coca-Cola Life or Coca-Cola Zero with £1.85 cashback until Sat 20 Jun at all major supermarkets, plus some convenience stores (full list on app).

If you’re near a Waitrose, this is where the deal gets even better – they are on offer at buy one get one free until Tue 30 Jun (norm £1.85 each), so you’ll actually get TWO 1.75L bottles of Coca-Cola Life or Coca-Cola Zero for free after cashback.

If you don’t live near a Waitrose, Tesco has a two for £2 offer until Tue 7 Jul, so you can get two bottles for 15p after your £1.85 cashback.

‘Free’ Viennetta ice cream (norm up to £1.50)

If all these freebies have got you hot and bothered, you can pick up a 650ml or 1,000ml pack of vanilla or mint Viennetta ice cream in Asda, Sainsbury’s or Tesco until Sat 20 Jun and get your money back.

You need to be a new CheckoutSmart user and you’ll get back what you paid, up to the value of £1.50 (we found Viennetta was no more than £1.50 at all three supermarkets).

‘Free’ Kingsmill burger thins (norm £1)

Until Fri 19 Jun you can get your money back on a six-pack of Kingsmill white burger thins (like burger baps but thinner) when you buy from either Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Asda, currently £1 each, and upload your receipt to Quidco ClickSnap or CheckoutSmart. A perfect freebie for a BBQ or a picnic.

If you want cashback on two packs of burger thins, you know the drill – buy in separate transactions with a receipt for each and you can get TWO packs effectively free after cashback, one from Quidco ClickSnap and one from CheckoutSmart.

Happy hunting!