EXPIRED: Wake up and smell the FREE coffee every Monday at Caffè Nero

If you need perking up every Monday, free coffee could leave you full of beans. There is one catch – to get the free Caffè Nero coffee you have to be an Aviva customer and have an Android or Apple smartphone. However, as the insurance company has almost 13 million UK customers, there’s a good chance you could be enjoying free coffee (other hot drinks available) on Mondays for the rest of 2015.

You may even be an Aviva customer and not even realise it. Although the company is probably best known for its insurance products, it also deals with investments and pension portfolios.

With the recent launch of auto-enrolment (a way to get people signed up to a company pension scheme), the company pension you’re paying into each month could well be managed by Aviva, making you a customer and in line for a free caffeine fix every week. Check with your employer’s payroll department if you’re with Aviva, although you should also have received policy documentation in the post.

So I’m an Aviva customer – how do I get this coffee?

You’ll first need to create an online account with Aviva on its ‘MyAviva’ portal. To do this, go to the Aviva homepage and ‘register’. Aviva will need your policy number (it can be found on any documentation you have from Aviva), full name, date of birth and postcode.

The process of registering is quick, when I did it myself, it took less than five minutes.

I’m registered, now what?

You just need to follow a few simple steps…

Step One: You’ll need to get the Aviva app, which is available on Android or Apple phones. If you don’t have a smartphone, or have a Blackberry or Windows phone, then you won’t be able to get this offer as it’s only available through the app.

Step Two: Log in to the app using your newly-created ‘MyAviva’ account details – you’ll need to set up a security pin too.

Step Three: Once in, if you click on the ‘Advantages’ tab, you’ll see there’s an option to get a free hot drink from Caffè Nero.

Step Four: Choose this option, then press ‘Redeem offer’. If you try to press this on any other day than a Monday, you’ll get an error message. On Mondays however, a code will pop up on your screen.

I’ve got my Caffè Nero code – what drink can I redeem?

You can only use the code on Mondays, during normal store opening hours (which will vary according to location) and choose one regular hot drink from the following: espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino, americano, standard hot chocolate, flavoured hot chocolate or tea.

Present the code to the cashier and your drink will be free. Considering a standard hot chocolate would normally cost you £2.45, you could make a tidy saving.

We sent MSE Wendy down to our local Caffè Nero to try this out – she didn’t fancy any of the free options and wanted to see if she could get her favourite chai latte for free.

Unfortunately for her, the code only works on the above listed drinks, (she had to settle for a tea instead), so if you’re tempted to mix things up, you’re unlikely to get very far!

I’ve got more than one Aviva policy – can I get more than one free drink?

As the whole point of the MyAviva account (and app) is to keep all your policies in one place, Aviva has said that unfortunately the Caffè Nero offer is one free drink per customer, rather than per policy.

Anything else I should worry about?

The offer only runs until 31 December 2015, but as with all offers, could be pulled at any time. You can’t use it with any other Caffè Nero offer, nor can you get a stamp on your Caffè Nero loyalty card for your free coffee.

Obviously this hot drink is free, but if you find yourself spending on small things like takeaway drinks daily, try our free Demotivator tool to see just how much that little treat is costing you over the year (and even your lifetime). And if you still can’t shake your addiction to that hot drink fix, have a read up on some tips on how to slash the cost of your daily cuppa.

Also, don’t just get an Aviva product for the free coffee – always choose the product that’s best for you. See our insurance guides for help in finding the best policy for you.