Students & teachers’ Apple deals – up to £159 off Mac computers, £125 off MacBook Pro, £110 off iMac

MSE Update, August 2017: The below information is from 2015 – see Apple student deals for the most up-to-date information.

Apple doesn’t offer widespread discounts, but there is a way of getting up to 15% off Mac computers, iPads and more. It’s available all year round and, because other discounts are few and far between, it’s usually the cheapest way to buy your Apple tech.

Officially, it’s aimed at students and teachers. But the broad eligibility criteria mean just about anyone can get the discount, as long as they’re a student, or working at a school, college or university (even if it’s just in the office), or lucky enough to know a lovely person who is and can help…

What can you get?

Although the education discount applies to a wide range of products, including iPads, the amount you can you save depends on what you’re actually buying and whether you’re a student or an education worker.

Here are a few quick examples of what it can get you:

MacBook Pro* (RRP £899) – £772.80 for students (15%), £844.80 for staff (6%).

MacBook Air* (RRP £749) – £644.40 for students (14%), £704.40 for staff (6%).

iMac* (RRP £899) – £790.80 for students (12%), £844.80 for staff (6%).

iPad Air* (RRP £319) – £306 for students and staff (4%).

Who’s it for?

This is generally a discount for students and teachers, but when you look at the criteria for who’s actually eligible, they really couldn’t be much more wide open.

1. It’s for anyone who’s studying or has been accepted into a “post-secondary education establishment” (basically, university or college), as long as they can prove it with a student ID card or other documentation that links them to the place.

2. If you’re the parent of a student who’s studying or has been accepted somewhere, as long as you can prove it with their student ID card or documentation.

3. Any teacher, lecturer, or other staff member “working at an education establishment”. We’re even aware of people working in a school’s office or other non-teaching role, who’ve been given the discount when they’ve asked for it. Again, you’ll need to prove your employment status with an ID card or recent pay slip.

4. Anyone else, provided you know someone who’s studying or working at a school, uni or college, can in theory get the discount as long as that person’s willing to buy the goods for you. As far as we can see, this isn’t a breach of the terms and conditions. Of course, you’ll have to decide whether this is morally okay – as it’s a scheme designed specifically for people in education.

How to get it

Go online to the Apple for Education* website, where the are already discounted. Alternatively, visit an Apple Store (find your nearest) and ask a member of staff about the discount.

Whichever method you use, you’ll be asked to provide evidence of your student/staff status. If you’re a student, you can do this online via Unidays (free to sign up, use your university email address) or in store by presenting your student ID or documentation.

Teachers and other staff can also get it in stores by presenting an ID card or recent pay slip, or by calling Apple on 0800 048 0408.

A couple of things to note…

It’s worth flagging up a couple of key sentences buried in the terms and conditions.

1. Firstly, there’s this… which limits how frequently you can use your discount.

Purchase Quantity

Staff and Students purchasing from the Apple Store for Education will be allowed to purchase the following quantities of product per academic school year:

– Desktop: One (1) may be purchased per academic year

– Mac mini: One (1) may be purchased per academic year

– Notebook: One (1) may be purchased per academic year

– iPad: Two (2) may be purchased per academic year

– Display: A maximum of two (2) may be purchased per academic year

– Software: A maximum of two (2) per title may be purchased per academic year

2. There’s also Apple’s all-important disclaimer at the end…

Apple reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of this promotion without notice or modify or end this promotion at any time without notice.

So while we think it’s unlikely to happen, there’s always the possibility Apple can pull it. Especially if lots of you start jumping on it after reading this.