How you can win £100s in prizes via mobile apps

The smartphone has just got smarter. You can now win £100s in prizes by using mobile apps available for iOS and Android. I do most of my comping on my smartphone or tablet now – there are some great prizes to be won, often with just a few taps. Some have won big on these apps –...

15 minutes of fame – how to boost your chances of getting on and winning TV game shows

We all can shout out the answers on the couch at home, but being in the studio doing it for real is very different. Take it from me – I’ve been on a TV game show recently as well as auditioned for others, and it’s not easy. What is easier than you’d think though, is getting ON...

Confessions of a couponer: How I’ve saved £5,000 and fed over 150 people at Christmas for 4p

Jordon Cox, aka The Coupon Kid, now writes for MSE. Here in his first blog he explains how he got into extreme couponing and shares his quirky stories.

How you can grab FREE tickets to The X Factor live shows

The X Factor’s reaching its final knockout stage, where the singers compete in a series of weekly shows filmed at a TV studio in London. If you’re a fan of the show, and watching from the sofa’s not good enough, from this week you can grab tickets to be in the audience watching the finalists battle it out live… There’s...

Amazon Prime Now trick: London or West Midlands postcode gets you £10 off £30 spend (eg, £32 FIFA 16)

If you're buying something from Amazon for £30 or more, until 20 Nov, there's a smart way you might be able to save £10 by using the Amazon Prime Now app.