How you can win £100s in prizes via mobile apps

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

The smartphone has just got smarter. You can now win £100s in prizes by using mobile apps available for iOS and Android. I do most of my comping on my smartphone or tablet now – there are some great prizes to be won, often with just a few taps.

Some have won big on these apps – right now the top prize on one smartphone comp is £500 in vouchers. Because people need to go to the trouble of installing these apps, your chance of a win is increased before you even start.  Here’s a guide my two favourites:

Blippar – scanning a code can yield big rewards

A very fun augmented reality app (even if you don’t win), Blippar works by playing games using augmented reality to win prizes.

If you find the Blippar logo on a product in a shop, then scan (or in comping speak ‘blipp’ it) to get entered into a prize draw for an instant win or to take part in an interactive game to win a prize. Not all ‘blipps’ will enter you into competitions though, some just unlock extra product-related content.

At the moment you could win cases of Juice Burst, Beats Headphones and up to £500 in Amazon vouchers by ‘blipping’ Juice Burst bottles and J20 Midnight Edition bottles with the Blippar logo.

There’s no need to ‘blip’ lots of bottles though, as it’s the same scannable logo on each. You don’t technically need to purchase a bottle either, though if you do you can ‘blipp’ for a chance to win every day.

Blippar has produced loads of winners, including me. Forumites love it too. SurfBoard2 says: “I won an iPhone and a £25 iTunes voucher. I’ve been blippar-ing every day and my family have been looking at me like I’m crazy. Guess it paid off!”

WAMO – win prizes from your favourite brands and ones you’ve yet to discover

Basically a cross between Instagram and Pinterest, WAMO is an app for sharing items with friends, with the added bonus of competitions. There are some great prizes to be won for browsing through retailers’ websites.

When you find something you like, you “grab” it and share it with your friends on WAMO. By completing grabbing challenges from picking your favourite shoes to your favourite moustache, you have the chance to win some awesome prizes.

I won a nice £20 scarf on WAMO. It may not sound like much but it’ll do my mum for Christmas (hope she doesn’t read this). Anything and everything I win throughout the year, I put towards Christmas presents so I don’t have to pay very much come December. WAMO’s great for those kind of gifts.

How WAMO works

It’s not quite as straightforward as Blippar, so here’s what to do:

– Sign up, create a bio, and go to the ‘Challenges’ section of the app to find current competitions.

– Click on the competition you want to enter, read the instructions and click ‘Enter Challenge’. Some may say to just grab a certain item, some may say to grab your favourite.

– You’ll be taken to a certain website relating to the challenge – find something that you like or that fits the challenge criteria and hit the white ‘+’ at the bottom of your screen.

– The grabbing screen should now appear. You will see four options in front of you: Love, Hate, Want or Need. Click on one of the options (usually it would be a positive one), add any extra info required by the challenge rules and hit ‘Next’ and ‘Save Item’.

– You are now entered. Once the competition is closed, a winner will be picked at random from all the entries. You’ll be notified by email if you have won and will also get a notification in your challenges section under ‘rewards’.

– There is a new competition starting and finishing each day, so entering each day gives you good odds of a win.

These two are both great comping apps to get your teeth stuck into. If mobile comping isn’t your thing, be sure to check our newly updated Comping Guide with four brand-new tips.

 If you have won on these apps, know of any more comping apps or just want to know more, comment below. You can also tweet us @MSE_Deals.