A day of coupon shopping – £50 of items for under £5

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

It’s that time again, yes I have been out shopping and recording it for your enjoyment. This week I managed to get over £50 worth of items and pay just under £5 for the whole lot. Items include Christmas crackers, wrapping paper and a little food shop from Tesco.

Most of the offers in this video are available to you, some of them were one-day only deals, so be sure to follow @MSE_Deals. on Twitter and Facebook to ensure you never miss a deal.

I did this shopping trip with my mum (who didn’t want to be filmed), so we both claimed deals to get double the amount as it was one per transaction. With our couponing powers combined, we pulled off this shop:

Here are some links to freebies you can claim:

Free wrapping paper – Via 02 Priority Moments app. Claim until 23 December, while stocks last.

Free fruit & party food – Through Tesco Orchard. I’ve claimed over £100 worth of freebies, read my blog on how it works.

Free Clover butter – There’s a £1 off coupon that can be used at Morrisons, where it is now priced at £1.

Here are some other deals available for you to claim this week:

Free pasta sauce – At Tesco with £1 off coupon. Pasta sauce priced at £1.

Free Covent Garden Soup – At Morrisons with £1 off coupon. Soup priced at £1.

Free Star Wars toy, chocolate coins and more Via 02 Priority. Lots of freebies to be claimed.

Have you had any coupon shopping trips recently? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us @MSE_Deals.