My 2 must-have supermarket cashback apps (I never do a big shop without them!)

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

If you have not experienced the worldly pleasure of cashback, including the feeling of getting paid to shop, you have not lived…! If you play your cards right on these cashback apps, then you can really save on your supermarket shop (as long as you have an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet).

There are two major cashback apps you can download that will save you money. It’s a no-brainer really, if you’re doing a shop in stores and one of the items you’re going to buy is on the app and you can get money back, why wouldn’t you? There is a bit of legwork, but it’s easy to do. And remember, this is about getting discounts on items you would normally buy, not being tempted to buy something you don’t need.

The amount you’ll get back depends on the individual offer, but sometimes you’ll get the full amount back. At the moment there are £5 worth of freebies to claim, including cookies, turkey slices and a bottle of Gatorade.

Want to know more about these apps? Here’s a video guide on using them both.


With Shopitize, you start by simply browsing through offers on your phone. If you see one you like, go and buy it in one of the supermarkets specified – make sure it is the exact same product or you won’t get the cashback. Then complete the “challenge” linked to the offer (normally a poll question), take a picture of the barcode and the receipt and you get the specified cashback into your account. After you have £5 in your account, you can withdraw it via bank transfer or PayPal.

CheckoutSmart (Same offers on Quidco ClickSnap & TopCashback Snap&Save)

CheckoutSmart* works in nearly the same way as Shopitize but is my favourite of the two, purely for the fact you can claim more freebies. Right now you can get a 99p bottle of Gatorade for free. You can claim some offers on the app more than once, which means you get even more items at a discounted rate. You can redeem your cashback at any time but if you do before you have earned £20, you’re charged a 5% processing fee.

Combining offers

The way to use cashback to the max is to combine it with other offers, coupons and cashback where you can – a process called stacking. You can stack Shopitize with CheckoutSmart if both have the same offers and if there is a coupon too – even better.

There is a great deal to claim right now by stacking on Soft and Gentle deodorant. It is currently on sale in Asda for £1, you can claim a 50p off coupon here and use the 50p cashback on the CheckoutSmart app, which makes it free.

Any questions? Have you ever made great savings my using money saving apps? I’d love to know how much you have saved in the comments below, on Twitter @MSE_Deals or on Facebook.