£2.06 prosecco trick. Min 6 bottles (RRP £9 each)

This deal has now ended, but you can still find cheap prosecco on our Cheap Champagne & Prosecco Deals page. We’ve left the blog below as it was for reference.

Update Wed 1 Jun, 6.05pm:  Sainsbury’s has outrageously reneged on its £2.60 prosecco trick, as large swathes of customers who’d taken up the online offer but not yet had it delivered won’t get the discounted price. See our Sainsbury’s £2.60 prosecco U-turn story for the full details. Sainsbury’s says you can still combine the different elements of this trick with other bottles where stock is better. 

Sainsbury’s is currently running three different promotions which you can combine – known as code stacking. So until Sun 5 Jun newbies to Sainsbury’s* online could effectively get prosecco for £2.06 a bottle (norm £9), though you have to buy six. Even if you’re an existing Sainsbury’s online customer, you could still get it for £5.06 a bottle.

This was originally a £2.60 prosecco trick, but the original well-rated Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Prosecco Conegliano we featured has sold out, and a cheaper prosecco (not yet rated) is now on offer.

If prosecco isn’t your tipple, you can also use this trick on wine and champagne. We’ve highlighted the prosecco as it’s an outstanding price on a popular drink, and you’d have to pay a lot more for the champers, despite the strong savings.

Of course, we’re not advocating this as a ‘down it in one’ deal. The idea is to store it up for when needed, either for yourself or gifts, so please be Drinkaware. It’s also worth noting multi-buy drinks offers are not valid in Scotland due to alcohol promo laws.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Find a reduced prosecco or champagne at Sainsbury’s

A number of bottles are currently on offer at Sainsbury’s:

Step 2: Sainsbury’s also has 25% off six bottles

Buy any six bottles of wine or champagne, before Sun 5 Jun, and you’ll automatically get a further 25% discount. This offer works in stores and online.

That means you can buy:

  • Six bottles of Torretta Di Mondelli Prosecco Brut for £30.38 (£5.06/bottle)
  • Six bottles of Sainsbury’s Blanc de Noirs Champagne for £81 (£13.50/bottle)
  • Six bottles of Moet & Chandon Brut Champagne for £121.50 (£20.25/bottle)

Delivery online is £1-£6 (or free if you collect in a store).

Step 3: Now for the trick – new to Sainsbury’s grocery online? Boost it further with an £18 off £60 code – you’ll need to buy groceries which you’d buy anyway

Use the code SCSEXTTMM and you’ll get £18 off when you spend £60+. Yet the T&Cs state:

When using a promotional money off voucher the value of the goods other than spirits, liqueurs or wine when on any buy 6 save 25% multibuy must be at least equal to the money off offered by the promotional voucher.

In plain speak, it means you’ll need to buy at least £18 of stuff other than booze for it to work. So spend at least £18 on normal groceries you’d need anyway to get the £18 off.

Of course, some of the examples above come to less than £60 for six bottles, so you may need to top up your basket with extra groceries anyway to reach the minimum spend for the code.

This means if you go for the £6.75 Torretta Di Mondelli Prosecco Brut, it’s £30.38 for six bottles, so you’d need to spend £29.62 on groceries to reach the £60 minimum spend for the £18 off code. That makes it effectively £12.38 for the six bottles of prosecco, or £2.06 per bottle (plus delivery if you can’t pick up in a store for free) – a ridiculously cheap price.

It’s worth noting that if you buy more than six bottles, the price per bottle will go up slightly with this deal, as you’d still be getting £18 off but your spend would be higher.

The £18 Sainsbury’s Blanc de Noirs Champagne would work out at £10.50, and the £27 Moet & Chandon Brut would work out at £17.25 – cracking deals if champagne’s your tipple of choice.

The code is valid until Mon 6 Jun, but you need to have your order delivered/collected on or before Sun 5 Jun for this code stacking trick to work. You can buy a maximum of 36 bottles of wine or champagne per order.

Step 4: Check your basket to ensure it’s gone as planned.

All these discounts should show up in your basket before you pay – if not then something’s gone wrong.

Although Sainsbury’s says that stock levels are good for most of the examples above, our weekly email goes out to over 11 million people, and these deals have been very popular in the past. They could still sell out, so go quick if you’re after a particular bottle.

Step 5: Change your substitution preferences to avoid any surprises

It’s worth noting that if you order online and tick to accept substitutions (in ‘my substitution preferences’), you may receive a different bottle of prosecco if your choice is out of stock. When your delivery arrives, make sure you check what you have received with the driver. You can choose whether you want to accept the substitutions or send them back.

If you only want the cheapest prosecco, untick the box which says ‘allow substitutions’ when you order, as that way if it’s not in stock, you’ll just get your groceries, not a pricier alternative.

Success stories from MoneySavers on Twitter 

Many users have been reporting success taking advantage of this corking trick:

Other success stories

Tim: “Just bought 50 bottles for 21st and 60th parties this summer. Saved £237!!!

(Although there’s a maximum of 36 bottles per customer per online order, so you’d need to club together with a friend to get this many.)

Tracey: “Great saving, Thank you, I’ve just spent £45 on a shop that should have cost £105. Very happy

Rachel: “Done it and saved £90 on my total order – result!

It hasn’t been plain sailing for everyone though

If you allow substitutions, you never know what you might end up with – as MoneySaver @Haymaymoo’s mum found out when 25 mini bottles arrived, instead of the full-size prosecco: