£30+ worth of Barbecue food for £4 by stacking cashback offers

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

If you’re planning a barbecue and need some cheap food and drink – this trick is for you.

By cleverly combining supermarket cashback with a cashback offer for new Asda online shopping customers, you could get 16 cans of Amstel lager, barbeque rub, spices, hot dogs and rolls for £4 if you collect from a store.

Here’s how it’ll work: You’ll add £25-worth of products to your basket to reach the minimum spend for free click and collect. You’ll pay the full £25 for your order but by completing the steps below, you’ll get £21 cashback, meaning your total spend is only £4.

There are two separate parts to it, so be sure to read carefully if you’re thirsty for a bargain – but if you’re buying the booze, please be Drinkaware.

Step 1: New Asda online customers £10 cashback on £25 spend

If you haven’t shopped online with Asda before, you can claim £10 cashback on a £25+ spend via TopCashback with its standard ‘Classic’ membership until 11.59pm tonight (Thu 23 Jun). If you’re a ‘Plus’ member (most likely existing customers), you’ll get £11 cashback (subject to a £5 yearly processing fee).

To get the cashback, log in or create a TopCashback account, and click through the Asda cashback page to the Asda website to do your shop (see what you could order to max this deal below). TopCashback will then log that you’ve spent money at Asda and the cashback should be in your account ready to be withdrawn within 14 days – but it could be sooner.

Important: Cashback is never fully guaranteed, see it as an added bonus on something you were going to buy anyway. You must click through from TopCashback’s site for your order to be tracked and cashback to be issued. Closing your Asda tab after clicking through won’t get you the money (see our Cashback websites guide).

This is a higher rate of cashback that is available until  tonight, from Fri 24 Jun cashback will drop to its normal rate of £8.

Step 2: Cashback offers on CheckoutSmart totalling £11

CheckoutSmart is a cashback app on your phone that allows you to claim cashback on supermarket items by taking a photo of the receipt (if you’re new to this, see my cashback apps guide).

At the moment, you can use it to claim £1 cashback on 4-packs of Amstel lager, £1 cashback on two packs of Red’s Barbecue rub, £2.50 cashback on three jars of Schwartz seasoning & £1 cashback on packs of Schar ciabattas. All of these offers are valid until Tue 28 Jun.

Once you have bought these products, go onto the app, select the products and how many you are claiming for – then take a photo of your receipt. You should receive your cashback into your account within seven days.

So, if you add in the CheckoutSmart cashback products to your shop and combine with the £10 from TopCashback (above), and as long as you’re ordering £25+ of Asda shopping (so you can click & collect for free), you could get it all for £4 after your cashback. If you’re a ‘Plus’ TopCashback member, you’ll pay £3.

Here is an example of a shop at Asda that would allow you to claim cashback from both TopCashback and CheckoutSmart:

  • 4x 4-pack Amstel Bier premium lager – £3.50 each at Asda, £1 cashback on each from CheckoutSmart
  • 2x Red’s Barbecue Rub (35g) – £1 each at Asda, £1 cashback when you buy two from CheckoutSmart
  • 6x Schwartz Spicy Season All Seasoning (47g) – £1.58 each at Asda (2 for £2), £2.50 cashback when you buy three from Checkoutsmart (£5 total cashback)
  • 1x Schar gluten-free white ciabatta rolls (4-pack) – £2 at Asda, £1 cashback from CheckoutSmart
  • 1x Wikinger Hot Dogs (380g) – £1 at Asda, no cashback (but used to reach minimum spend)

Important: When claiming cashback on CheckoutSmart you must order the exact products mentioned above to claim the cashback.

Despite both TopCashback & CheckoutSmart saying these offers will last, as with any cashback offer, they can be pulled at any time.

There are other options available through CheckoutSmart (such as nappies and muesli), but they didn’t fit with our barbecue theme.

As you’ll probably want more food and drink to make your barbecue complete, check out our sizzling BBQ deals ;round-up.

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