£35ish of shopping for £9 incl Ariel, Pringles and and free yogurt

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

Hi-de-hi savvy shoppers! No matter what supermarket you shop in, you can get a lot of bargains right now, including items from major brands such as Pringles, Ariel and Finish.

With a little bit of effort, you could get up to £35ish of shopping at a variety of stores and pay just £9.19.

Several of them require you to use a cashback app called CheckoutSmart, where you can claim money back on selected supermarket products by taking a picture of your receipt. It’s nice and simple, but check out my cashback apps guide for how it works.  It’s just launched a desktop version too, so you can now do it even if you don’t have a smartphone.

As always, due to the nature of these offers, they may expire at any time and some CheckoutSmart offers expire this week, though are sometimes extended. So go quick if there’s anything you want here. I’m obviously not suggesting you go to every shop, this is just a guide so you can pick and choose from the offers for things you want to buy.

Offers available in multiple stores

– FREE Pringles (40g) – Currently 79p & 80p at Tesco and Sainsbury’s respectively, and there’s a coupon for a free tin here.

– ‘FREE’ Schwartz herbs & spices collection – Various prices at Tesco, Asda and Morrisons (about £1.60), but you get the full amount back via CheckoutSmart, so it’s effectively free (Ends Fri 17 Jun).

Tesco (find your nearest*)

– FREE Optiwell yogurt drink (1L) – Currently £1.80 at Tesco and there’s a coupon for a free bottle here.

– ‘FREE’ Jack Links beef jerky (25g) – Currently £1.50 at Tesco and CheckoutSmart, which again makes it free once you’ve claimed (Ends Tue 21 Jun).

– 50p John West Infusions (80g) – Currently £1 at Tesco (norm £1.49) and there’s a coupon for 50p off here, which makes it 50p.

Asda (find your nearest*)

– ‘FREE’ Schwartz Spanish Recipe mix (28-30g) – Currently 50p at Asda and you get the full amount back on CheckoutSmart, so another freebie after cashback (Ends Thu 16 Jun).

– £1 for FOUR Moma muesli (2x wild berry & 2x apple and pear 140g) – Currently £1 each or four for £3 at Asda, and there’s 50p cashback on each pack on CheckoutSmart, which makes four packs £1.

– £1.50 Finish rinse aid (400ml) – Currently £2 at Asda (norm £3.48), there’s a coupon for 50p off here, which makes it £1.50.

– £6 Ariel Liquid 60 washes – Currently £7 at Asda (norm £13), and there’s a coupon for £1 off here, which makes it £6 (10p per wash).

Sainsbury’s (find your nearest*)

– FREE Weight Watchers wholemeal bread (400g) – Currently 60p at Sainsbury’s (norm 80p), and there’s a coupon for 60p off here, which makes it free.

Waitrose (find your nearest*)
– 19p for TWO Bahlsen Pick Up dark chocolate biscuits (5 packs) – Currently £1.69 and 2for1 at Waitrose, and there’s a coupon for 50p off here PLUS £1 cashback on CheckoutSmart, so by combining both you can get two packs for 19p.

Have you got any coupon bargains recently? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter @Jordon_Cox or on Facebook.