NOW ENDED: ‘Free’ 12-month £80 Tastecard trick (pay £4 delivery)


MSE Update 12.39pm Mon 25 Jul: There was a delay with some users receiving their codes for Tastecard, but Supercard says all codes have now been sent out. Last Friday Supercard gave us this statement:

“Supercard apologises for the confusion over the Tastecard offer. Tastecard has agreed to ensure all MoneySavingExpert users who signed up to the Supercard offer prior to this statement being issued (5.56pm on Fri 22 Jul), will enjoy a 12 month digital Tastecard, regardless of if they cancel their Supercard.”

Anyone who signed up to Supercard via MSE before 5.56pm on Fri 22 Jul can still request a Tastecard if they haven’t already, which will last for 12 months, even if they cancel.

Anyone who signed up to Supercard after 5.56pm on Fri 22 Jul and requests a Tastecard, will lose that Tastecard if they cancel their Supercard. We’ve left the blog as it was below for reference.

This is a corking trick to get you an £80 Tastecard for just £4. This restaurant discount card gets you 2for1 and 50% off at more than 6,500 restaurants – many rave about it (though quite a few complain about some of its processes). To get a free year for everyone, even those who’ve had a trial previously, is rare, we’ve had three months before but this is a cracker.

And it doesn’t stop there, because you’ll also be able to take advantage of another discount membership that gets you freebies and discounts including beauty treatments, hotels and more.

How does the Tastecard trick work?

This is all about a new discount card called Supercard (don’t confuse it with the travel one of the same name), and we know that’s not a Tastecard, but bear with us. The Supercard gives you a range of freebies and discounts, including the one we’re most excited about, a free Tastecard.

The Supercard costs £14.95 a month, but we’ve blagged you a free 45-day trial (it’s normally 30 days) – though you pay £3.99 delivery for the physical card. You can use that to sign up to get your Tastecard free for 12 months and the Tastecard continues even if you stop using the Supercard afterwards.

What else can I get on Supercard?

Supercard offers members a range of deals in the UK across different categories, including food and drink, days out and travel. Its freebies and discounts include free beauty treatments, free hotel stays, free mobile and gadget insurance, 2for1 cinema tickets, free dance classes, 2for1 comedy nights, discounted theme parks and more.

Here are two of its strongest, which you can also get on the trial:

  • One free beauty treatment a month, including massages, manicures and spray tans. This translates to one free beauty treatment during days 1-30 of the 45-day trial, and a second treatment during days 31-45.
  • A free one-night stay at a UK hotel (if you time it right). This offer’s only available from day 31 of the trial, and if you book and stay before day 45, you can still cancel your trial before being charged – making it totally free. If you book a date after the trial, you’ll need to continue your membership (paying £14.95 a month), to cover that date.

How to get a free Supercard and then Tastecard

Step 1 – get your Supercard 45-day trial

  • Sign up to Supercard* via this specific link by 11.59pm on Wed 31 Aug. You’ll need to pay £3.99, which is for delivery of the physical card.

Step 2 – get your free Tastecard

  • Sign in to Supercard*, go to the food and drink category, and click on Tastecard. Click ‘Email code’, and it will email you a unique code.
  • Go via this specific Tastecard link and enter your details and unique code to sign up. When the page refreshes it’ll show your Tastecard membership number (it’ll also be emailed to you).
  • Download the Tastecard app, open it, and click ‘my card’. Follow the instructions to set up your membership.

The Tastecard membership works via the Tastecard app for Apple, Android and Windows – you won’t get a physical card, but it’ll have exactly the same offers. On the app, you just need to pick your restaurant and click ‘use card’ – an image of the card will appear on screen

Step 3 – either continue your Supercard membership or cancel the trial

  • Warning: After 45 days you’ll be automatically enrolled into a monthly membership for £14.95 a month. If you don’t want to be charged, cancel before day 45 by calling 03301241223 or emailing

Step 4 – the Tastecard won’t auto renew

  • We’ve covered Tastecard in our news section Tastecard auto renewal complaints, where people have found it difficult to cancel the card and not be charged £40 for the next year. In general, sadly this is still an issue with Tastecards. However if you sign up via this deal, the card won’t auto-renew at the end of the year.

Will it work?

This is the first time we’ve covered a Supercard deal, so it is a bit new to us. Yet we’ve done our usual digging to check it out and we think this is a decent deal. Plus, we tried it out, got the free Tastecard, free hotel stay, and cancelled without being charged and without any hassle. Let us know what you think of it in the forum, on Twitter or Facebook.