Get a free PC game every month until December

French video game company Ubisoft is giving away a free digital PC game every month until December to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. Right now, you can download Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell for free until Tue 16 Aug.

You’ll need to install the correct software

The free Ubisoft games are only redeemable through Uplay, the company’s online store and game playing platform, so you’ll need to download it and create an account. On other popular PC marketplaces, Splinter Cell would cost you £6.99 (Steam) or £7.59 (GOG). The game’s suitable for players aged 16 and above.

What is Splinter Cell?

Originally released in 2002, the critically acclaimed stealth action game introduced the world to undercover operative Sam Fisher and his iconic night vision goggles, which are used along with other cool gadgets to infiltrate locations, complete objectives and hunt enemies from the shadows. Five sequels later, and with Tom Hardy set to star in an upcoming Splinter Cell film, the series is still going strong today, but this game is where it all began.

What free game is next?

From Wed 17 Aug, Splinter Cell will be replaced by 2011’s well-received, colourful 2D platformer Rayman Origins. Ubisoft will release seven free games in total – it launched its giveaway in June – as part of its anniversary celebrations, with a new title due each month this year.

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