Print these 5 coupons to get £7 of groceries for £2 at Tesco this week – incl Pringles, Marmite & Flash

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

With these five coupons, you can make your shopping trip a bit cheaper this week by getting £7.35worth of shopping for just £1.84 at Tesco (find your nearest*).

I’m not suggesting you buy everything on the list below – which you’d need to do to secure the whole lot for £1.84 – as there may be things here you wouldn’t want. So you can just pick and choose from the offers for things you want to buy (or check our coupons page for different ones).

It’s really simple, you’ll just need to print a few coupons and take them into the store. The coupons are listed below, or if you want to watch how these coupons work – here’s a short video of me shopping with them:

As always, due to the nature of coupons and offers, these could expire at any time – so you’ll have to go quick. Without further ado, here are the deals and coupons you’ll need:

 FREE Pringles (40g) + 41p PROFIT – 40p at Tesco and there’s a coupon for a free tube (81p off), which makes it free. The extra 41p ‘profit’ will come off the rest of your shopping.

 FREE Little Dish kids’ meal (200g) – £2.30 at Tesco and there’s a coupon for a free meal (up to £2.70 off), which makes it free.

– 50p John West No Drain Tuna (120g) – Currently £1 at Tesco until Tue 1 Nov (norm £2) and there’s a coupon for 50p off, which makes it 50p.

– 50p Flash Spray (500ml) – £1 at Tesco and there’s a coupon for 50p off, which makes it 50p.

– £1.25 Marmite (125g) – £1.65 at Tesco and there’s a coupon for 40p off, which makes it £1.25.

I’ve picked Tesco because it was the cheapest for these items, but all of the coupons (apart from the Little Dish kids’ meal) can be used at any major supermarket. Don’t forget, there are over 100 other coupons to print on our coupons page!

Have you got any coupon bargains recently? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @MSE_Deals.