Free £2 New Covent Garden Soup trick

Here’s a nifty trick where you can bag yourself a fancy free soup, by combining a coupon with a half-price offer in Asda or Morrisons stores. Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

We have raved about this soup-er trick in the past and now the offer’s back. Here’s how to get it…

Step 1: Get the coupon

Go to the New Covent Garden Soup Co website and register for the coupon by entering your name and email address. Then you’ll be emailed a link to print a coupon for £1 off any New Covent Garden Soup Co soup valid in store at all major supermarkets.

You need to print it off and hand it over at the till – no showing it on your phone, sorry.

New Covent Garden Soup Co says the coupons are available until Sat 31 Dec or when all 20,000 have been printed – so get yours quickly if you want one. Once you print the coupon, it’s valid for about 30 days.

Remember, you can only use one coupon per soup/transaction and it’s one coupon per email address (but even if you’ve used this trick previously, you should still be able to claim one of these coupons).

Step 2: Find some discounted soup

Asda (find your nearest*) currently has a range of 600g flavours reduced to £1 from £2 – so you’d get the soup free using the coupon.

If you’re not near an Asda, Morrisons (find your nearest) also has a range of 600g flavours for £1 until Sun 11 Dec.

Keep an eye out for other offers, as these soups are often reduced. If you can pick up a soup which has been reduced to £1, you should get it for free with the coupon.

Even if you can’t find any deals or reductions in your local supermarket, you can use the coupon to get posh soup for £1ish, which is still a decent saving.

Will it definitely work?

We understand that the coupon should be accepted at all major supermarkets and convenience stores that stock the soup, and we’ve heard from lots of people it’s worked for (and it’s worked fine previously), so it’s definitely worth a try.

We do hear reports occasionally of checkout staff not accepting coupons, which can be due to error or inexperience. If this happens to you, try asking politely to speak to the manager about the store’s coupon policy.

For up to date coupons like this one, keep an eye on our Supermarket Coupons page.