Holidays are coming… How to pick up a free can of Coke and see the Coca-Cola truck this Christmas

Holidays are coming… How to pick up a free can of Coke and see the Coca-Cola truck this Christmas

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

You know the build-up to Christmas has begun when you see the festive Coca-Cola advert. And this year, like many before, the Coca-Cola truck from that famous advert is going on tour around the country giving out free Coke and festive cheer.

The truck will be stopping in 44 cities around the UK setting off on Thursday 17 November and ending its nationwide road trip on Tuesday 20 December.

At each stop, there will be photo opportunities, festive carol singers and a free can of either Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero for every person.

Here’s a full rundown of the cities and dates. For full location information, see the Christmas truck tour stops.

Thu 17 Nov – London, 1-9pm

Fri 18 Nov – Glasgow, 1-9pm

Sat 19 Nov – Ayr, 1-9pm

Sun 20 Nov – Dundee, 1-9pm

Tue 22 Nov – Carlisle, 1-9pm

Tue 22 Nov – Yeovil, 1-9pm

Wed 23 Nov – Exeter, 1-9pm

Wed 23 Nov – Newcastle upon Tyne, 1-9pm

Thu 24 Nov – Sunderland, 1-9pm

Thu 24 Nov – Cardiff, 1-9pm

Fri 25 Nov – Leeds, 1-9pm

Fri 25 Nov – Bristol, 1-9pm

Sat 26 Nov – Scarborough, 1-9pm

Sat 26 Nov – Swindon, 1-9pm

Sun 27 Nov – Bradford, 1-9pm

Sun 27 Nov – Milton Keynes, 1-9pm

Tue 29 Nov – Wrexham, 1-9pm

Tue 29 Nov – Bournemouth, 1-9pm

Wed 30 Nov – Southampton, 1-9pm

Thu 1 Dec – Manchester, 1-9pm

Thu 1 Dec – Watford, 1-9pm

Fri 2 Dec – Manchester, 1-9pm

Sat 3 Dec – London, 12-8pm

Sat 3 Dec – Lancaster, 1-9pm

Sun 4 Dec – London, 12-8pm

Sun 4 Dec – Liverpool, 1-9pm

Tue 6 Dec – St Helens, 1-9pm

Tue 6 Dec – Baldock, 1-9pm

Wed 7 Dec – Harlow, 1-9pm

Thu 8 Dec – Doncaster, 1-9pm

Thu 8 Dec – Ipswich, 1-9pm

Fri 9 Dec – Cleethorpes, 1-9pm

Fri 9 Dec – Norwich, 1-9pm

Sat 10 Dec – Lincoln, 1-9pm

Sun 11 Dec – Northampton, 1-9pm

Tue 13 Dec – Leicester, 1-9pm

Tue 13 Dec – Peterborough, 1-9pm

Wed 14 Dec – Telford, 1-9pm

Wed 14 Dec – Leyton, 1-9pm

Thu 15 Dec – Southend-on-Sea, 1-9pm

Sat 17 Dec – Birmingham, 1-9pm

Sat 17 Dec – Eastbourne, 1-9pm

Sun 18 Dec – London, 1-9pm

Tue 20 Dec – London, 12-8pm

Will you be stopping by the Coca-Cola truck to pick up your freebie? Let me know if you go and see it in the comments below, on Twitter @MSE_Deals or on Facebook.