Movie fan? How to see a mystery future blockbuster for £5 before anyone else

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

Nothing can beat watching a good movie at the cinema – but quite often you need an A-lister’s salary to pay for the ticket. However, there’s a little-known way of seeing big new releases for cheap.

Odeon cinemas has an ongoing promotion called ‘Screen Unseen’ – which offers exclusive preview screenings of upcoming movies for just £5 a pop. There’s only one twist… you don’t know what film you’re seeing until the curtain goes up.

Odeon says the film is guaranteed to be “films we believe are 5-star future classics”. One of the last showings was Arrival – which would now cost from £9 to £15 to see.

The next screening will be held on Mon 23 Jan at 8.15pm at cinemas nationwide – but again, it’s not confirmed what film it’ll be.

How do I book?

Go to the Odeon website and select your cinema and book your tickets for the 9 Jan ‘Screen Unseen’ showing. There’s only one screening per cinema, so you’ll have to go quick to make sure you don’t miss out.

Is there a way I can work out what the film will be?

Odeon will start to release clues as to what the next movie will be on its Twitter & Facebook accounts leading up to each showing. These clues are quite tough, but keep an eye out for them to try and decipher what the film could be.

Ticket prices for films at Odeon are £14.95 at the cinema closest to MSE Towers – which means you’d save nearly £10 on your ticket if you went to a ‘Screen Unseen’ showing. You may find your local independent cinema charges less, but we reckon £5 to see a potential smash hit that has yet to be officially released is a blockbuster.

I’m heading along to the next showing – I’m secretly hoping it’s Beauty and the Beast…!

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