Amazon Prime Now trick: £5 off £20 spend for many England & Scotland postcodes (eg, Ldn, Manc, Birm, Glasg)

If you’re going to spend £20+ at Amazon before the end of March 2017, there’s a trick where you may be able to save £5 using Amazon’s Prime Now.

This is only for people ordering via the Prime Now for the first time, and it’s only available in selected areas of England and Scotland at the moment.

Still, it could be useful if you live/work in an eligible area such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Portsmouth, Liverpool or Newcastle (see below for how to check your postcode).

The app offers “thousands” of products (so only a selection of the millions of items Amazon sells) for free delivery on the same day within just a couple of hours.

Previous incarnations of this deal proved popular, and the areas covered have widened – so you may be eligible to get it even if you weren’t eligible before.

Who can get it?

You must meet all three of the following criteria:

1. You need to be a Prime member (if not, sign up for a free trial). To buy through the app you’ll need Prime – Amazon’s premium subscription that gives speedy delivery and other perks. Yet this’ll also work if you’re on a Prime free trial, so providing you’ve not had one before, sign up* to get a 30-day Prime membership for free.

Important: After the free trial, Prime costs £79 a year. So if you don’t want that, cancel before the trial ends (see our Amazon Prime Reclaim guide).

2. You’ll need an eligible postcode for delivery. If you live/work in or around a major town/city that it delivers to – or you know a lovely person who does – you could be eligible for Prime Now delivery. Enter your postcode* on the website (in the top left corner) to see if it delivers to you. We’ve found city centres are generally well covered, though it’s a bit of a postcode lottery if you live on the outskirts.

3. You must be ordering via Prime Now for the first time. Once you’ve entered an eligible postcode, add the code NOWFIVE to get £5 off £20+ (for new customers, who’ve never purchased via Prime Now) online at Amazon Prime Now* or via its app before Fri 31 Mar.

What can I use it on?

Not all items Amazon sells are available for Prime Now delivery, but Amazon says “thousands” are (and we haven’t found many top sellers that aren’t).

Search within the app for whatever you’re after – it’ll only show if it’s available via Prime Now. All the items are sold by Amazon, so you won’t find Marketplace sellers on the app.

A few examples with decent savings we found using the code on Tue 31 Jan:

Amazon Fire TV stick* £29.99 (£34.99 pre-code, next cheapest we’ve found – £34.95 at Argos)
Kindle e-reader* £54.99 (£59.99 pre-code, next cheapest we’ve found – £59.95 at John Lewis)
Amazon Echo* £144.99 (£149.99 pre-code, next cheapest we’ve found – £149.95 at John Lewis)

Always remember to price check before purchasing. We’ve even spotted different prices between and Prime Now, so always check both.

Amazon Prime Now’s still quite new, so please share your experiences (good and bad) in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook.