Get £13 of shopping for just £5.45 at Asda with these five coupons, incl Febreze & Pantene shampoo

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

If you’re planning on shopping in store at Asda this weekend, you can get £13.58 worth of goods for £5.45 by combining coupons with in-store offers.

It’s really simple, you’ll just need to print a few coupons and take them into the store (find your nearest*). I’m not suggesting you buy everything, but all of these items are from big brands, including Febreze and Pantene, and are likely to be products you’d be after anyway, so by taking these coupons you can pick up an unexpected saving.

Here are the coupons you’ll need and a video of them in action:

– Free Optiwell yogurt drink (1L) – Currently £1.50 and there’s a coupon for a free carton, that scans in at £1.80, which makes it free + 30p ‘profit’ – which you’ll get off the rest of your shop. The coupon is ongoing.

– 50p John West Spreadables (80g) – Currently £1 (norm £1.08) and there’s a coupon for 50p off, which makes it 50p. The coupon is ongoing.

– 50p Always discreet liners (28 pack) – Currently £1.50 (norm £2) and there’s a coupon for £1 off, which makes it 50p. The coupon is ongoing.

– £1.50 Febreze fabric refresher (375ml) – Currently £2 (norm £3) and there’s a coupon for 50p off, which makes it £1.50. The coupon is ongoing.

– £3.35 for TWO bottles of Pantene Pro-V shampoo (400ml each– Currently two for £4 at Asda (norm £3 each) and there’s a coupon for 75p off, which makes it £3.25 for two. The coupon is ongoing.

We’ve contacted Asda asking for the end dates of its in-store offers – we’ll update you here when we get confirmation (though they usually change mid-week).

Don’t shop at Asda?

I picked Asda to shop at this week because it was the cheapest for these items, but all of the coupons can be used at any major supermarket. You might find the odd individual item cheaper elsewhere, but this blog is aimed at helping people who were going to shop in Asda anyway to save money. I’m doing these at different supermarkets each week, so make sure you check back next weekend.

Of course, this blog is for people who usually buy branded items – you can often save more by buying non branded products. Don’t forget, there are more than 100 other coupons to print on our coupons page so it’s worth a look before doing your weekly shop.

Have you got any coupon bargains recently? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter @MSE_Deals or on Facebook.