EXPIRED – Eat for ‘FREE’ in the Ikea restaurant

Going to Ikea? On weekdays after 4.30pm, you and everyone you’re with can eat in the restaurant for free – as there’s a deal where you can claim the full amount back when you pay for your shopping, till Friday 14 April.

Just pay for your food and drinks in the restaurant (not the hot dog counter or mini-supermarket, just the big canteen-style eatery – most stores have ’em), then do your Ikea shopping as normal. But you must keep your restaurant receipt safe.

When you get to the main checkouts to pay for your shopping, show your restaurant receipt and Ikea Family card (anyone can sign up free online or in store, and if you only sign up that day just show the membership number you’re given) and you’ll get the full amount you spent in the restaurant taken off.

 Watch the video below to see how MSE’s Coupon Kid Jordon Cox got on:

MSE Update Tue 11 Apr: Ikea’s confirmed this Friday is the last day you can eat ‘free’, but as it’s Good Friday, stores will close early. Visit Ikea’s site to check opening times for your store. Note: Ikea Warrington is not participating.

Getting the most out of it…

The best thing about this is there’s no minimum or maximum spend in either the restaurant or Ikea store. This means you and the whole family can enjoy a cheap (or even free) meal out, providing there’s something you need to buy from Ikea.

Obviously, to get your meal totally free, you’ll need to spend more in the store than in the restaurant – as you won’t get any excess back as change. But of course, I’d never suggest you spend money on things you don’t need just to bag a free plate of meatballs.

Yes, you’ll get the money back when you pay for your shopping, but in reality this isn’t a discount. You’re only getting a refund for what you’ve already spent in the restaurant. The way I see it, there are two ways of looking at this deal:

If you usually visit the restaurant when you go to Ikea, great! Just order what you’d normally eat and drink – or maybe treat yourself to a few extras if you’re planning a bigger spend in the store – and it’ll come off your shopping at the checkout.

If you don’t usually visit the restaurant but you’re keen to give it a try, go ahead! Spend less than you’ll spend in store and your restaurant bill’s effectively £0.00.

Whichever way you approach it, make a plan beforehand. Check availability of pricier items before you go, so you don’t get caught out.

If you’re certain you’ll spend more in the shop than in the restaurant, you might as well make it large portions and desserts all round – it’ll still end up free. Yet never buy things you won’t use or don’t need. Remember Martin’s Money Mantras.

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